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Core Values - Honesty, Reasonableness & Kindness

In this short essay I seek to show how THREE CORE HUMAN VALUES all arise from the a central principle of natural inclusion. These values are known by a wide variety of names, but for now I will call them Honesty, Reasonableness and Kindness.


Held together, these values enable us to lead a sustainable, creative and loving way of life. When, however, we disregard or isolate any one of them from the others we damage ourselves, our neighbours and our natural surroundings, causing needless suffering. Sadly, such disregard and isolation is commonplace – built into culturally entrenched attitudes of mind that are based, most fundamentally on false representations of reality that serve the interests of hierarchical power at the expense of the common good. There is therefore a great need for us to recognise not only why these values are so vital, but also how they arise from the very depth of our being yet, nonetheless, can come to be set aside or corrupted.

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