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I am holding this page open for eventual use by people coming from diverse backgrounds who would like to relate their practices and understandings of 'life, environment & people' to the fundamental principle of natural inclusion (and vice versa).

If you would like to be included, please get in touch via the 'Feedback' page.


From Zhixing Wang, 5th September 2019

Staying With The Darkness


From Rev Roy Reynolds, 23rd September 2019

Patience (the elusive quality)The kind of patience described here, which allows rather than tries to force wisdom to emerge from within and in accord with actual life experience, is very much the kind of patience that is needed truly to understand and appreciate natural inclusion. And it is indeed the kind of patience that is very much lacking in the rush of modern culture to compete and problem-solve at a stroke. 


From Ken Masters, 31st October 2019

Natural Inclusional Haikus

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