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Quintessence of Consciousness - virtual exhibition at the Royal College of Art, with a cameo contribution from me

And here's the story of how it was presented against the odds


‘Natural Inclusion in the Fungal World’

Here is a video created by ‘Fertile Ground’  artists Alexandra Sazonova and Chloe Ting for their ‘Fungi Fest’ event on 6th October 2019, based on an interview and discovery walk with me on September 7th 2019

Here is the text for the interview.


Natural Inclusions: Paintings by Alan Rayner Vol. 1 


Natural Inclusions: Paintings by Alan Rayner Vol.2


Natural Inclusions: Paintings by Alan Rayner Vol.3



Little Gallery Exhibition: 4 paintings on the theme of natural inclusion


'I-Opening': Paintings depicting self-identity as a dynamic natural inclusion of neighbourhood. 

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