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Deep Causality

The Intangible Within and Around the Tangible



To become fully aware and awake to the process of natural inclusion requires us to make a radical shift beyond purely materialistic perceptions of cause and effect in terms of mechanical action and reaction. 

This shift entails recognising that mechanical action and reaction is itself an 'effect' of a deeper underlying cause, which can only be discovered by imaginatively perceiving what is implicit in all natural phenomena (i.e. 'appearances' or 'manifestations') that are discernible to our senses. 

The mistake of rationalism, through its objective dedication to 'material causation' alone, is to confuse the superficiality of 'secondary causation' - as an effect of primary causation - with primary causation itself. The effect of this confusion is a paradoxical 'Through the Looking Glass' world view that turns reality back to front, upside-down and inside out! To correct this mistake, it is necessary to 'see through phenomena/appearances' as 'effects' to the 'primary causal ground' from which they emerge.

Primary/deep/ultimate causation is necessarily sourced in INTANGIBLE PRESENCES, of which there are two: SPACE and LIGHT/ENERGY, which respectively provide for RECEPTIVE STILLNESS and RESPONSIVE MOTION. Circulatory motion around receptive centres of space give rise to tangible phenomena. 

By paying attention to the manifestation as 'Effect', it becomes possible to 'see through' to underlying, primary cause - to make the intangible presences discernible. 


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