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To an ancient new way of understanding the reality of nature: The receptive simplicity in the heart of complexity and a compassionate, regenerative and creative community life


Can you accept, or at least imagine, that in reality every body is a dynamic inclusion of space in form and form in space

This site introduces you to a way of understanding the reality of nature that makes simple yet comprehensive sense of our actual life experience, regardless of our cultural background. What emerges from this understanding is a more realistic, sustainable, compassionate and creative vision of nature than many of us have been led to believe is possible.

In Nature, space occurs everywhere while material form occurs only somewhere. Hence space and form are distinct but mutually inclusive occurrences. Space both includes and is dynamically included in material form. We need to acknowledge this reality if we are to live in accord with how we naturally are in the world as it actually is. 

Underlying all natural phenomena is a fundamental evolutionary principle: the complementary, mutually inclusive, receptive & responsive relationship between void spatial stillness and energetic motion. This principle of natural inclusion frees us from the pervasive, damaging belief that life is a competitive 'struggle for existence’, which is based on supposing that space and matter are mutually exclusive.  

Many people have an intuition of this fundamental principle, but do not consciously acknowledge it, and may suppress it in order to fit in with cultural expectations, particularly in the West. Suppression causes conflict and mental disturbance that we may interpret as 'something wrong with us', rather than our psyche awakening to what is truly amiss: the treatment of nature and one another as objects.

Becoming aware of natural inclusion does not require any special intelligence, technical knowledge or skill. It does, however, require an open mind. Once developed, this awareness transforms once complex subjects and daily struggles into a simple, flowing and beautiful continuum.

The Call of Nature is Silence; the Response of Nature is Movement. Together they make Music to our Ears and Beauty to our Eyes; the flow of life in form and the form of life in flow - the mutual inclusion of void spatial stillness and energetic flux in all natural phenomena.


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