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To A New Way of Understanding the Reality of Nature

This site introduces you to a new, more realistic, sustainable, compassionate and creative  way of understanding the reality of Nature, which is based simply and solely upon reasoning from actual life experience.

This understanding helps us to be aware of self-inclusion in our natural neighbourhood. It frees us from the damaging belief that life is a competitive 'struggle for existence', and replaces this with an awareness that life is an expression of natural energy flow within and around the ever-present stillness of space, everywhere. This awareness does not require any special intelligence, technical knowledge or skill to develop. It does, however, open up all sorts of prospects for new and ancient avenues of thought to be explored in an open-minded, open-hearted and yet realistic way.  


If what you find in these pages makes good sense to you, please tell others about it, so that natural inclusion can become more widely known and understood.






Alan Rayner








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