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The Emperor Dalek

Considered to be a god by all of the Dalek race, this specially bred genetically superior creature has his own special outer casing, often incorporating Flidor gold as well as other elements fused into a Dalekanium shell, giving it even more protective armour than other Daleks. Over time the Dalek Emperor has many different outer casings and even Davros was given this status by his Imperial Daleks, although a rebel faction led by the then Black Dalek Supreme refuted his right to command. Below are some of the Emperors down the ages, including Davros.

Here we see the Gold Emperor with a claw arm instead of the more usual sucker arm.

The Time War Emperor.


The Emperor Dalek stays mostly on Skaro in Dalek City.

At one time he was even connected to the city as we can see here.

An unusual version of him in yellow.

He is not adverse to going into battle as here he prepares to go to war.

Here he leads a Dalek Army into attack.

Here the Emperor gives orders to the Red Dalek Supreme. An interesting version, as this Supreme has 3 lights on his head as well as the bar modifications. 

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