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Die Dalek

The day dawned, much like any other really, except that today was the day that Horace Oswald Taylor was beginning his new job at the Da-Tech Research Laboratory. He was just 17 years old, and why the hell his parents had named him Horace Oswald, he would never know. This was a constant source of amusement to his mates, as his initials spelled out the word HOT; though he hated his name. He couldn't understand why his mum and dad hadn't named him Mark, John or Andrew, anything but Horace Oswald. He knew his parents were old fashioned, but he had after all been born in the 20th Century and not the Victorian era!

He rushed down his breakfast, despite his mother's nagging about him getting indigestion. Catching a number 7 bus, he arrived at the Da-Tech centre just in time to be greeted at reception by a very dishy looking Oriental woman aged somewhere between 21 and 25, it was hard to say exactly as he was so smitten by her good looks; and she had fantastic legs.

She introduced herself as Dr. Li Chow. "I think I'll call you 'Hotty', as I'm thinking for sure you don't want me to call you Mister Taylor or Horace, seeing as it says you don't like using your name here on your application" she remarked jokingly. "Fine by me" was Horace's reply. Boy was she a looker he mused to himself. "What exactly are you researching here Doctor?" he asked.

"Oh do please call me Li, as we are all on first name terms here!" she retorted with a beaming smile which made her appear even more lovely, a real angel sent to brighten up his dull day. "We, or rather I, have done a lot of stuff with extra-terrestrial items. I have something very interesting down in my lab, but we will need to descend 10 levels below ground to see it."

Horace eagerly anticipated just what he might see, and being so close to this Chinese beauty was going to be a real pleasure for him. He knew from the letter he'd received that he would be working with a Doctor Li Chow, but he had not imagined that she would be so lovely, and had believed that she'd be much older somehow. Certainly not this vision of loveliness that floated along before him as he followed her deeper into the building.

Li led Horace down a long corridor and into a lift at the end of this. "What is a young man like you doing here?" she asked. "I am surprised that you're not going into a University with all the 'A' levels you have." "My dad wanted me to go to either Cambridge or Oxford" he said, "but I plan to do some courses through the Open University on my computer, and I really wanted to work for Da-Tech."

The lift juddered to a stop at lower level 10. Li stepped out and led Horace into a dimly lit room, full of scientific equipment. "Here is my prize exhibit" Li exclaimed, and pointed to the rear of the lab. A machine completely different to anything else in the room, or anything he had seen before met his gaze.


It looked like a pepper pot, except that it had lights on top and appendages poking out of it. The machine slowly turned the top of what he could only assume was its head, and it emitted a shrill piercing shreik, sounding extremely menacing indeed. Then the thing spoke to him, saying, "Why am I here? I must be allowed to leave immediately!"

"What in blazes is that thing?" he asked Li. "It calls itself a Dalek" was her reply, "and it says its name is Sec. I believe one of those appendages is a weapon, but as yet it has not attempted to use it against me. Sec says he arrived here from another time dimension, and he wants me to help him locate something called 'The Genesis Ark', so he can be reunited with others of his kind." "Do you plan to help this Dalek?" asked Horace. "Well I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for it; but I also feel it may have bad intentions toward us. Call it a 6th sense if you like, but there is just something I'm uneasy about" Li said.

"Help me to escape and find the Ark" the Dalek suddenly retorted, "and I will let you live." "Now its threatening us" said Horace, "Perhaps maybe we'd better leave here?" Li walked over to the Dalek. "You are not in a position to make demands. When I have finished my experiments then I will consider it!" "I like you human, you would make an excellent Dalek" Sec told her. "Perhaps I will spare you for that purpose, as your intellect would prove extremely useful to me!" Sec then glided across the floor of the room, stopping just in front of Horace. "You are lucky my weapon is malfunctioning, or I would blast my way out of here and kill all who try to oppose me." "Look" said Horace, "we can help you if you want us to; but killing us wouldn't get you anywhere. Let the doctor help you."

"DOK-TOR; NOT THE DOK-TOR?" screamed Sec. "I'm referring to Doctor Li Chow" Horace told the Dalek.

Die Dalek - Chapter 2.

Meanwhile, in another time vortex in a far flung corner of the Galaxy, the TARDIS was giving out all manner of danger signals to the Doctor. "What's the matter old girl?" the Doctor asked, knowing full well that if his time machine could talk, it would give him an answer. With its usual whirring of the console, the TARDIS set itself for the year 2007A.D. and took itself and the Doctor immediately to the Da-Tech Centre situated just outside of Swansea, South Wales, on good old Earth. It was a facility which had worked in close association with the Torchwood Institute, so the Doctor knew it had unusual connections and did research work on alien artefacts, Extra-terrestrials and such. Something inside his head told the Doctor that things were very, very wrong.

Sec sensed the presence of the time lord even before the Doctor had stepped out of the TARDIS. Turning toward Li, he gently touched her arm with his plunger. This set up a mind control link with her, which Sec used to make her open the electronic doors of the lab. With Li in the lead, Sec followed her to the lift and began to ascend to the surface. "What is she doing?" Horace said to himself; but as the lift had gone up and left him behind standing there feeling like an idiot, he had no other choice but to run up the stairs. Thank goodness he was young and fit, as it would have been a hard task otherwise.

The Doctor burst in through the main doors of the Da-Tech building, just in time to see Li and Sec coming out from the lift. "I thought I'd sent all of you lot into the void" he yelled, "It just goes to show I should never underestimate you, or take anything for granted." The Dalek raised its weapon as if to fire at him, but for some odd reason, nothing happened. "What's the problem Dalek, lost your bottle you tin pot tyrant?" "I will ex-ter-min-ate you Dok-tor" Sec ranted. Li stood looking on, transfixed by this handsome stranger who confronted Sec. Who was he? He seemed to be in his late 20's or early 30's at a guess, she thought to herself.

Sec, the leader of the Cult of Skaro stopped dead in his tracks. Horace suddenly appeared, panting heavily from the run up all those flights of stairs. The Doctor aimed his sonic screwdriver carefully at the base of the Dalek's head dome. "Will that kill him?" Horace said. "No" replied the Doctor, "but it will give him a bloody big headache!" The Dalek yelled in pain, as it felt like a thousand angry bees were stinging inside his brain. It took action swiftly, and sped out of the open doors, disappearing quickly out of sight. "Shouldn't we go after it" asked Li, "as it might be dangerous if its free out there?" "Oh we'll have to hunt it down sure enough, as even with its weapon not working it is still a major threat" replied the Doctor; "but let's have a cup of tea first, and I want to know just what you were doing with this Dalek that made it so vulnerable to attack. Why did it feel pain, and why is his gun not working?"  

Die Dalek - Chapter 3.

Sec had retreated to an old abandoned, almost derelict warehouse near the side of the railway lines going from Swansea to Cardiff. A male blackbird eyed him from its perch on a bush nearby. Sec ignored the bird completely, it was no threat; but the presence of the Doctor was a different matter. Why had he felt pain, and why was his weapon malfunctioning? These were going to have to be his main priorities to be dealt with now. Sec knew he had to get back into Doctor Li Chow's lab, as that was where the answers would be found. Later that night, under cover of darkness, he returned to the Da-Tech Centre and entered. Upon finding no one in his way, he got into the lift and descended down to level 10.

As he entered the laboratory a familiar voice shouted to him. "What kept you Dalek, I've been waiting for hours." Sec was once more confronted by his arch enemy The Doctor, with Li and Horace just behind him. "My mum will be worried sick" said Horace, "I should have been home 3 hours ago." "I don't think you'll want to miss this!" replied Doctor Who, "I've set up a multi-spacial time warp which should send this guy straight to Hell, if it doesn't kill him first that is." "You cannot harm me Dok-Tor" Sec roared back at him. "Oh No, well we'll just see about that" the Doctor retorted, "Throw the switch Li." Li Chow did as she was bid, and a vast array of complex machinery droned into action, with lights flashing and sparks dancing everywhere. Sec was trapped, as he could not use his weapon or even move from the spot he was fixed on.

"I will have my revenge on you Dok-Tor." Sec boomed, as he once again was forced to use his emergency trans-mat device and escape to another dimension. The Dalek disappeared rapidly from their sight as it vanished from the laboratory. "Where has it gone?" asked a very bemused Horace. "I don't care where it has gone" replied Li, "as long as it is well away from here!" The Doctor winked at the pair of them, and a big beaming smile crossed his face. "He won't be coming back here again, you can be sure of that. This little device I've set up will see to that, as it has raised a temporal time barrier which will stop him ever entering this place again." Li glanced across at the Doctor, "My only regret is that we let it escape alive, when it would have been better if we'd killed it." "I will give him your loving regards the next time I see him" the Doctor said. "Will you see it again?" said Horace. "Too right I will" replied Doctor Who, "as me and the Daleks go back a long way; or forward, depending on which way you look at it. Being the only remaining Time Lord left alive anywhere, the Daleks will never let me rest; but then, I won't let them have any peace either!"

"Now, I really must leave. Unless either of you two want to come for a trip into time and space with me?" the Doctor asked. "I would love to" said Li, "but this young man has invited me to his home for a meal; and I have to explain a few things to his parents." "Not to worry, I will come back one day, then if you change your mind you can be my travelling companion" the Doctor said with a sly, somewhat knowing look on his face. "In fact, the invitation goes to the pair of you" he said; and with that he calmly walked out of the lab. Moments later the TARDIS was gone, and Li and Horace went back to his home. However, they kept the story of their encounter with Sec to themselves, as Horace's parents would never have believed them anyway; and besides, Horace's dad was too smitten with this gorgeous looking Oriental girl to listen, much to his mum's annoyance.

The Doctor stood by the control console of his TARDIS, whistling to the tune of "Raindrops keep falling on my head"; well he may be a Galifreyan in origin, but Earth was more like home to him now. "Seven weeks" he told himself, "and Li will be here with me as my new companion. Shame Horace couldn't make it though, getting influenza like he did. Though finding Sec may take a lot longer; and besides, I'm not so sure I really want to rush into another meeting with any Daleks old girl" as he glanced around the TARDIS.                                                                                               The TARDIS continued to hum in a rather soothing way the Doctor felt, as it sped on its journey through time and space once more"


                                                   THE END


The old scientist muttered and mumbled to himself as he wandered from one part of his laboratory to another. The war had lasted, oh how long was it now he thought? It had seemed like years, but in actual fact it was over and done in a matter of 17 weeks.
Now hardly anything remained of the life outside, and for all he knew, he was the sole survivor of his race. Even his experiments had suffered. Sparks of electricity flew from some equipment which was still working.

He checked on the life pod tanks which had held his life's work. Most of the tanks held lifeless creatures in them, but in tank 303 something was still moving. The old man carefully picked up the creature, which although it was very weak, gazed up at him with a look that said "Help me"; so he carried it over to the machine which his older brother had found just before the war began. This creature he had not created himself, but it had been found in the wreckage of a crashed space craft, so he and his brother had rescued it and placed it into a life pod tank hoping to revive it; but it had been very close to death.
Placing the creature inside, he activated the controls of his console. Blue sparks flashed and machinery whirred into action. The protective capsule began to throb and hum, as the creature inside it suddenly seemed to grow stronger.
Now if only he could free himself from the confines of the lab, the scientist felt sure there must be other survivors of the war.

Just then, the noise of an explosion ripped open the far wall. A squad of soldiers rushed in. Lucky for him they were not the enemy, but from his own race. "We are here to rescue you, the war is finally over" said the leading trooper. "Let us take you to the surface where you'll be safe!"
The creature in the life pod machine slowly opened its single eye. "You will not remove him, he is my Saviour and creator" it yelled, and a sudden burst of energy erupted from the weapon it aimed at the soldiers. The men dropped as if hit by lightening.
"What have I done" the old scientist said, "What are you?"

"I am a Dalek" retorted the creature, as it began to move out onto the planet's surface; "And you have given me life." The Dalek turned its eye toward the man and said "Now create more of us, as we are the superior beings!" With cries of "Exterminate" the Dalek set out to conquer and destroy all in its path.

The End.

Inheritance of the Daleks
Chapter One

The wind blows across the arid landscape that is the planet Sovas 7, and deep below the surface a single being is trapped inside the Imperial escape pod.
The trapped figure is none other than Davros, who after escaping from the Hand of Omega, crashed into the soft sands of Sovas 7.

He has been in a state of dormant hibernation for the past 300 years; but remains protected by his Dalek Emperor outer casing.
The Daleks have all been destroyed in the Time War, and by the Doctor and Rose Tyler.

With the destruction of the recent Dalek Emperor and all of his army, an emergency distress beacon was activated to contact any possible surviving Daleks.
This has now begun to beep on the console in front of the dormant figure of Davros. His hand suddenly begins to move, and lights start to flash.
Davros awakens!

"My creations will rise again; my Daleks cannot be defeated. I will begin reproducing a new race of stronger, more advanced superior Dalek war machines.
The Doctor will not win, I; We will return"! 
Davros had made contingency plans for just such an event as this, and pushed a button on his main console. Far away on one the moons of Sovas 7, an automated Dalek production unit whirred into action. The process of Dalek life began once more, as dozens of new Dalek war machines were being made; and the creatures that were to inhabit them sprang into life in the incubators.

Meanwhile the Doctor, Rose and Mickey are chatting about their exploits around the Tardis's main console. "I bet we never see another Dalek again after we kicked their metal heads in", says Rose.
"Don't count your chickens" replies the Doctor, as those things have a nasty habit of coming back to haunt me!
I would feel happier if we'd found the Dalek creator."
"Who was that then?" asked Mickey.
"A nasty little Kaled scientist called Davros, who was a megalomaniac who believed that he and his creations would rule the entire Galaxy and even the Universe" the Doctor retorted.

It was at this point that the spirit of the TARDIS made contact by mentally connecting once more with Rose.
"They're not dead" she cried, "the TARDIS has located a beacon in space, there are more of them and they are being reactivated". Her voice was calm, but a shocked look on her face said it all.
"It won't be hard to follow the signal, but I'm not sure we'll like what we find at the end of it" said the Doctor; "I'll set the calibration of the time/space co-ordinates where the signal is emanating from, and maybe we had better go and check it out?"

Meanwhile, back on Sovas 7, Davros received a message on his monitor screen. A Dalek uttered the words "We are coming!"
A glint of evil joy flashed across the face of Davros. "Excellent" was his reply. 
"If it's what I think it is, then we're going to need some helpful allies" said the Doctor; "And I know just who to contact. There is a small colony of Thals on the planet Modelos. They set up home there after Skaro became too polluted with radio active fallout following the war with the Daleks."
"Who" retorted Rose, "Just what is a Thal? You've never mentioned them before".

"There was good reason" replied the Doctor, "As the Thals are such a peace loving race, it was their idea to stay completely neutral during the Time Wars. If what I think is about to happen, then I believe we are going to encounter someone who I thought had been dead for centuries. But let's keep an open mind on this, as nothing is certain just yet!"

Back on Sovas 7 a small spacecraft lands. Three Daleks emerge and activate a tractor beam device. The pod containing Davros rises from the depths of the soft sand and settles on the planet's surface.
The pod opens and Davros glides across to the Dalek ship.
"REPORT" says Davros.
The lead Dalek swings its eye stalk in his direction and replies, "Dalek production has reached 7,000 and we are ready for your orders!"

Davros says "I will lead you to complete domination of the Universe. This time there will be no mistakes, this time the Dalek race will conquer and not be defeated.
We; I, will be the supreme ruler and we will not fail.
Prepare for immediate take off, I have much work to do reprogramming the war machines."

"Hail Davros, all Daleks prepare for the return of our Imperial Emperor; DAVROS WILL REIGN SUPREME!" the leader Dalek screams to the other two.
"HAIL DAVROS, OUR LEADER HAS RETURNED TO US" the other Daleks retort in unison.
The Dalek space shuttle blasts off and heads back to base.

The Story Continues.
Chapter Two

The TARDIS materialised on the planet Modelos, and the Doctor stepped out, followed closely by Rose. Mickey came next with a look of wonderment on his face. "It looks exactly like the New Forest back on Earth".
"That's precisely why the Thals chose this planet" said the Doctor, "As they were forest dwellers back on Skaro, and it reminded them of home before the Daleks; or should I say the Kaled Wars destroyed the Thals home world and petrified the forests".

Three tall, blond figures approach them. "Greetings; I am Talos, leader of the Thals. We received your message Doctor".
"How does he know you're the Doctor" asked Rose, "He hasn't seen this incarnation of you before now"!
"We all know the aura of a Time Lord" says Talos, "And besides, who else uses a blue box to travel around in. The Thals have met many different Doctors before; but his aura never changes".

"I'm glad to see the Thals have prospered since moving here Talos, but we're going to need your help" the Doctor replied.
"Your message mentioned something about the Daleks" said Talos, "how can we help?"
"Rose has sensed, through the spirit of the TARDIS, that they are not all dead as I hoped they were. As we have destroyed the Dalek Emperor and his army of Daleks which were cloned from humans; I can only suspect that any remaining Daleks will have done one thing".

"What is that?" Talos asks.
"They have once more searched for, and found their creator- DAVROS!" the Doctor retorts with a hint of anger in his voice.
"Then you can count on my Thal warriors to assist you and fight, as the Daleks are our sworn enemies" said Talos.
"Wait up a minute" says Mickey, "I'm not sure I want to be in a war with something I know nothing about".
"Then let me tell you a little story" says the Doctor; and he begins to explain how the Daleks were created and by whom!

Meanwhile, Davros has finished redesigning and re-progamming the Daleks. "The time is at hand my brethren, but our first priority is to hunt down and destroy the Doctor. He has proved himself to be a major problem in all past Dalek defeats.
Well, no more! This time it is he who will fail, this time I will show him and his companions no mercy; this time I DAVROS WILL BE VICTORIOUS, MY DALEKS WILL NOT BE DEFEATED..... WE WILL CONQUER AND TRIUMPH".
Davros moves towards the assembled Dalek units around the main control room. "Prepare for war" he commands.

"Attack plan Omega" says the lead Dalek; "This time there will be nothing to stop us, DAVROS.....WE ATTACK, DEATH TO THE DOK-TOR!"
Dalek 1: "Long range detector indicates the presence of Thals on the planet Modelos"
Dalek 2: "Sensors show that the Dok-Tor's TARDIS has also been located in this area. We must inform Davros and Dalek High Command".
Dalek 2 glides away to give his report. 
Dalek 3: "Trans-mat device is fully operational, we can now transport Dalek assault groups across to the Thal home world while we prepare our invasion fleet".
Dalek 1: "Dalek assault groups 3, 7 and 9 go immediately to the trans-mat area. Locate and destroy the Thals, capture the Doctor and his companions for interrogation by Davros".
The Dalek assault groups enter the trans-mat and begin to appear on Modelos.

The Thals are caught completely off guard as Daleks begin blasting away at them, and many are killed instantly.
"Quickly Doctor, we must get into the forest and regroup for a counter attack" says Talos the Thal leader.
"I see that these Daleks have had their weaponry altered to be even more deadly and effective".
"It's me they're after" the Doctor replies, "So all I have to do is set the TARDIS to track the co-ordinates of the Dalek trans-mat beam origin, and I should find just what I'm expecting to find?"
"What will that be?" asked Rose.
"Davros" was the Doctor's reply!

The TARDIS lands directly by the side of the Dalek's trans-mat device. The doors open and the Doctor is confronted by his old arch-enemy.
"Greetings Doctor, I see that you have the audacity to come here. Do you plan on being my Nemesis? If that is your intention, you will not survive long enough to enjoy that pleasure" Davros utters the words with venomous intent.
"You cannot harm me Davros, as long as I'm within the force field generated by my TARDIS, then your Dalek weapons are useless" scoffs the Doctor with a big grin on his face.

"I do not wish to kill you this time Doctor, I plan to capture you and your friends. Then I will make the ultimate in perfection.
I WILL TURN YOU ALL INTO DALEKS! That will be my revenge on you for what you have done to our race. The Daleks, with your brain to guide them, will be totally invincible.
"Not while I'm here to stop you" says the Doctor, "It's not my plan to become one more of your animated pepper pots."
"We shall see Doctor, we shall see" Davros retorts!

Davros pushes a button and a beam appears directed at the Doctor. The Doctor is pulled out from the TARDIS and is immediately surrounded by Daleks.
"Dalek weapons could not fire through your force field Doctor, but my extractor beam was designed to pull things out; and your protective field was unable to stop it" Davros sneered!
"Your brain waves will be used to programme a new unit of Daleks Doctor. These will have all your knowledge of past and future Dalek wars and any possible defeats. This new generation of Daleks will be completely unstoppable and can never be defeated. THEY WILL BE THE MOST SUPERIOR FORM OF DALEK LIFE EVER TO HAVE EXISTED.

"Stay in the TARDIS" the Doctor yells to Rose and Mickey as he is lead away by his Dalek captors. 

Inheritance of the Daleks - cont.
Chapter Three

"You've tried this all before Davros", the Doctor says as he's pushed into a mind extractor device. "It didn't get you the information you wanted then, and it won't now!"
"You underestimate my superior intellectual powers once again Doctor" Davros taunts, "I have designed these new machines to work against your puny Galifrean mind. Switch on the device" he commands.
"I obey" retorts the Dalek at the controls.

The extractor device whirrs into action. The Doctors face contorts in agonized pain, "You will not get into my brain" he weakly utters!
"You're too late Doctor, I have already pulled out all the data I require to programme my new breed of Daleks" Davros says triumphantly. "Now I will download this information into the Daleks in my laboratory. They will in turn produce more of the same, and an army of super Daleks with your knowledge will go forth and conquer Doctor."

The new Daleks are made ready while the Thals continue to fight for their lives back on Modelos. Rose and Mickey watch helpless from the safety of the TARDIS. "We should go and find the Doctor," says Rose. "He told us to remain here, so I reckon we should do just that" replies Mickey.
"Yes but the Daleks are not watching us" she sighs, "And we can't just stand around and do nothing while the Doctor is in danger!"
Dalek 1 reports to Davros: "The new Daleks are ready."
"ACTIVATE THEM" he yells back.
The new race of Dalek war machines glide into life and head towards the main control room. Upon reaching it, they look around at the other Daleks and Davros.
The new Daleks say in unison, "We are the Dok-tor, Davros and his creations are our enemies. We will defeat them!"

The new breed of Daleks begin blasting Davros's Daleks and many are destroyed. "NO.... This cannot be happening" screams Davros, as he hastily retreats followed by 2 of his own Daleks.
The new Daleks free the Doctor. 
"We are you, and you are us" one of them tells him, "We will protect you!"
Just then Rose and Mickey rush into the room. "I thought I told you two to stay in the TARDIS."
"And leave you to the mercy of the Daleks," cries Rose, "Not bloody likely. "Why aren't this lot attacking us?" asks Mickey.
"Oh sorry" says the Doctor, as he waves his hand towards the Daleks around him in the control room, "Meet me and me and me; well they're all me actually", and he explains how Davros has programmed the assembled Daleks with his (The Doctor's) brain waves. "So you see, I now have a small army of my very own personal Daleks, who will obey me and not Davros" he says with a wink of his eye and a beaming smile.

In the meanwhile, Davros and two of his Daleks escape into space. "What reports have we had from our forces on Modelos" Davros enquires.
"Our strike force has encountered heavy resistance, and has not been able to exterminate the Thals" Dalek 1 reports. 
"Should we continue our attack?" says Dalek 2.
"Order all Daleks to return to Sovas 7, we will regroup there and make new battle plans. This time you have won Doctor, but mark my words; WE WILL MEET AGAIN, I WILL RETURN; AND NEXT TIME MY DALEKS WILL BE THE VICTORS!"

                     THE END

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