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Dalek Language

The Dalek's Dictionary.

How to communicate with a Dalek!

Meeting a Dalek and talking to him is fine, as all Daleks have a built in translator unit which converts any alien language into Dalekese; but if the unit failed, then you'd need to learn a few words and phrases to communicate with him.


The Daleks have their own language, which is completely alien to any known here on Earth. Here are some words commonly used by the Dalek race, taken from their Library Records on Skaro, and translated from the Dalek Dictionary! 

 A) Alvega- The Planet of Fighting Plants, and also the nearest planet to Skaro. These plants actually resisted an invasion attempt by the Daleks by showing them with millions of seed, which entered the eye stalks and impaired vision.

Arkellis- One of the rare flowering plants found on Skaro. It will only take root in metal.

B) Brindigulum- A Dalek word meaning to hold a conference or talk between 4 or more Daleks.

   Baz- A screw made from platinum which has 2 threads.

C) Clyffil- The Dalek word meaning "I understand you, but do not agree with you".

 Crofla- Dalek word meaning to fly on a Hoverbout at great speed.

D) Dalekenium- A metal found only on Skaro, which is used in the manufacture of the Daleks outer casing. If your scanner detects this metal, it usually means there are Daleks nearby.

Decarain- A great rain storm which lasts for 7 months.

E) Ecrin- To write or transcribe into written words.

   Efien- Dalek word for wealth. Though it has no monetary value, as Daleks view wealth as being the amount of minerals, or inventions a planet has to offer. The wealthier a planet, the more likely it is to be invaded.

 Emperor- Ruler of the Dalek race. No Brindigulum (see under B) can be held without his agreement and prior authority being given. To mark his high position among the Daleks, his outer casing is made from Flidor Gold, fused with Quartz and the sap of the Arkellis flower.

F) Flidor- One of the satellite moons of the Planet Skaro. A dead world, but rich in a blue-veined gold metal ore.

 Forten- A loud explosion.

 Flagee- To punish.

 Frangi- To invent. Apparently derived from an Earth inventor, the Marquis Frangipani. Daleks regard inventiveness as the highest form of intelligent calling, and keep records of all achievements of inventions from across the universe in their science museum.

G) Galkor- Dalek word meaning "Follow me, I am your guide".

   Gax- A metal roadway used by Daleks.

  Griltis- An underground river on Skaro which never rises to the surface.

Dalek Dictionary continued.
H) Haarfa- A mist that envelopes large areas of Skaro. Dalek scientists are constantly seeking ways to rid the planet of it, as all Daleks dislike it intensely; but not one has succeeded so far!

Haberg- A super metal used by Daleks as a protective head shield when doing certain experiments.

Horrorkon- The Dalek name of the monster of Gurnian.

Hyptons- The race that inhabits the planet Mesmerus.

I) Infralux- Rays known to create invisability.

 Insli- Dalek word meaning "It is ready".

Iatron- Dalek meaning "To treat", pertaining to science or chemistry.

J) "J" is the forbidden letter in the Dalek language. To precede a word with the letter J is a great insult. For example: "J Galkor" translates into "Follow me weakling, I am your guide".

K) Kaa- Means "Silence!" A command or order, not a peaceful word.

 Kavay- Meaning to drink.

Krattorians- An evil race notorious for their slave trading.

L) Lacca- meaning to colour or dye.

 Lamee- Evil or wicked.

M) Magnodon- One of the metal creatures of Skaro which generated an inner magnetic field to attract its victims towards it. Now extinct because of the Neutron War which almost destroyed Skaro.

 Mechanoids- The mechanical robotic race who are one of the Daleks enemies. Found on the planet Mechanus, they have since colonized other worlds and made them completely mechanical.

Meticons- A dwarf race from the planet Calliopaticon.

Motivators- Retractable tracks located at the base of most Dalek Space Ships (Saucers and Cruisers).

N) Nesd- Dalek word meaning "I warn you to beware."

 Nij- To insist; unwavering determination.

 Nizzial- An old Dalek word meaning "The one beside you is yourself." Implying brotherhood and an offer to share hardship in times of trouble.

Nouromatic- A machine which produces food tablets for Dalek prisoners.

O) Octovarns- Eight-armed race of the planet Varnicon.

 Orbitus- One of the most brilliant Dalek inventions, it is the last word in electronic brains, can travel on water, on land, or even hover over it.

P) Pabul- Food; or to feed.

 Pentorrorkon- A monster with 5 heads. Now, happily almost extinct.

 Preblin- Stone or rock.

Prokrastin- To enslave through total conquest.

Q) Quadrament- An instrument that registers altitude. Used in all Dalek space craft.

 Quirradill- A Dalek term of office or mark of appreciation.

 Quiritils- Dalek word for Laws.

R) Rels- Dalek measure for hydro-electricity.

 Rislaigle- Dalek machine for compressing water. It can compress 1 gallon of water to the size of a dust particle.

More Dalek Words
S) Screamer- A jet-powered Dalek Fighter-Bomber. (Note: This word is singular, as the plural has an entirely different meaning).

 Screamers- Large sound speakers used by Daleks as a weapon of attack to deafen enemies.

 Silcronian- Metal used in Dalek blaster guns (gun-sticks). Very heat resistant, as it repels laser rays or "ruby heat" which the Daleks use as ammunition.

Slyther- a creature found on Skaro.

T) Tabada- A Scholar. Daleks undergoing instructional training are called "Tabadas."

 Tabadus- Dalek training courses, education.

 Thals- A kind race of beings who inhabit one area of Skaro. Considered by the Daleks to be their mortal and hereditary enemies. An attractive race, as the females have long, blonde hair and are truly graceful; while the males are quiet spoken and dignified. A tall race averaging 7 feet in height.

U) Uniographer- Member of the Dalek Special Exploration Division.

 Upatrees- Very poisonous trees.

 Urvacryl- A dreaded 2 headed eel that inhabits the Lake of Mutations near the Daleks Capital City on Skaro.

V) Veps- A Dalek measure of artificial sunlight. By increasing light by a certain number of Veps, food may be grown much faster.

 Vernaton- A Dalek measuring instrument. Named after the Earth inventor from the 16th Century, Pierre Vernier.

 Vestin- To burn. Also used by Daleks when giving the command "Fire!"

 W) Wallins- Slave Workers.

 Wemmleen- To defeat or conquer.

 Wibbial- Dalek word to describe any alien creature from another planet. A human being (Homo Sapien) for example would be just another "wibbial" to a Dalek.

 Wrax- To fight. This Dalek word has some connection to the old Earth word "wraxling" or wrestling as it now better known as.

 X) Xabs- (Pronounced ex-abbs). A Dalek word meaning "To be looked upon with favour by your superiors, or those in authority."

 Xanthox- A valuable timber yielding tree found on Skaro, with very prickly stems.

 Xerod- A Dalek word for a desert or barren place.

 Y) Yarveling- A famous Dalek inventor and explorer. Said to be the first Dalek to travel beyond Skaro and bring back the precious gold metal from Flidor.

 Yaren- To be fast, quick or speedy.

 Yeggen- The Dalek word for "Caution" or "Be Careful." When spoken with greater force and emphasis, it means "Danger!"

 Ybium- A rare metallic element used in the construction of all Dalek war machines, because of its tremendous strength and durability.

 Z) "Z" is a very special letter in Dalekese. To preface words with a "Z" is a special mark of friendship and high esteem.

 Zerinza- A Dalek exclamation of good success prior to going into battle. "Let us have a Zerinza War!" for example, a good successful war.

Zetic- Meaning to search, seek or find. Discovery is very important to the scientific conscious Daleks.

 Zolfian- A Dalek who was a legendary hero among Daleks, as he triumphed in war and was popular in times of peace. One of the legends and myths of Skaro.

 Zyquivilly- Dalek for farewell or goodbye. 

Learn, or be Exterminated
Now that you have read the rudiments of our basic language, the Dalek Supreme suggests that all humans learn to speak to Daleks in Dalekese, as this is the superior language in the Universe. Failure to do so will result in you being EX-TER-MIN-ATED!!!

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