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Determination of the Daleks

The war against the Daleks had gone well, and the high council of Gallifrey had been pleased when the massive counter attack launched by the Dalek fleet had failed to break through. The Daleks had been routed and many had been taken prisoner, to be locked away in a holding cell for all time. Lord President Gulal had stated to the people of Gallifrey that the Dalek menace had been crushed and that the Dalek Emperor had fled the battle, taking the remnants of his army with him.
This did not mean the Daleks had been utterly defeated, but Gulal was confident that his battle squadrons could finish off the remaining daleks, wherever they went in time or space. And so it was that the Gallifeyan forces fell into the carefully laid trap set by the Daleks, under the command of the Dalek Supreme who had held back a large Dalek army of his own. 
Using a new weapon of mass destruction, the planet of Gallifrey was turned into a burnt out cinder. Dalek death squads hunted down any survivors, and the Supreme fleet slowly, but surely, destroyed any remaining Gallifeyan space ships. A few Time Lords escaped by using their time machines, but even these were pursued by Dalek death squads. Only 1 survived; the one they called "The Doctor."
Believing the Emperor may have been captured, or sent into another time era, the Dalek Supreme set about finding the one being who could help the Dalek cause and restore them to their former glory, as millions had died and so many captured that the Daleks were now in dire need of fresh DNA cells with which to build up a new army.
The one being who could only provide this material was the Kaled creator, Davros. While the Dalek Supreme did not want to find Davros to make him the new leader of the Dalek race, he had to admit that they needed his knowledge and genetic engineering if the Daleks were to be the rulers of time and space throughout the universe once more.
Or so he thought; but he was to find out otherwise later from a most unusual source.

The large Dalek battle cruiser came out of hyper-drive and passed through the rings of Zarcon, a cluster of asteroids which orbited the planet of Zarcon, a secret Dalek base. "This is where our new crucible ship is being built. All Daleks assigned to this project are ordered to trans-mat down to the planet immediately" the Dalek Supreme said to those around him. "We obey" retorted the Daleks on the bridge of the battle cruiser.

 "I will take the remaining Daleks and begin the search for Davros. His last location was reported to be on the penal colony planet called Temon 5, and his recapture by us should be easy, as there are only 200 guards who will be no match for an attack squad of 7 Daleks. Take us out of orbit" ordered the Dalek Supreme.
The large battle cruiser now only had a crew of 12, as all other daleks had been sent down to the surface of Zarcon. Thirteen Daleks were on-board if you counted the Dalek Supreme. So it meant that if the 7 who would make up the attack squad were killed, there would still be a crew of 6 left to pilot the ship back to Zarcon again; but the Daleks saw no reason why their assault on Temon 5 should fail. The Temons were inferior beings, and Temon 5 was the smallest planet in the Temon system, with Temon Prime being the main and most heavily populated.
Davros had been taken there by the Time Lord known as the Doctor, as it had been intended that Davros would be moved to Gallifrey at a later time; but then the Time War began and all plans to implement this were put on hold.
And so it was that the Daleks now headed for the Temon system, with the intention of finding their original creator and beginning their latest scheme of terror and universal domination.

The Time Lords had foretold of a prophecy about the total destruction of one of the planets in the Temon system, but the Temons themselves had mocked this and believed that they ruled over their particular part of space with complete safety from any attack by alien enemies.
When the Dalek squad broke into the penal compound and freed Davros, killing 124 guards in the process, it was bad enough; but once he was safe on-board the Dalek battle cruiser, the Dalek Supreme ordered that the planet Temon 5 be completely obliterated, for the Temons had shown themselves to be enemies of the Dalek race by holding Davros as a prisoner. The full fire power of the ships weapons was brought to bear on the planet below, and Temon 5 became yet another dead planet, as had countless others which had fallen prey to the power of the Daleks. 
Except that the death of this world fulfilled the prophecy which the Time Lords of the now lifeless Gallifrey had foretold, many centuries ago.
The Daleks cared little for prophecy, or for the 3 million Temons who had been wiped out below on the planet, for they had achieved their objective and now had Davros under their control where they would make good use of him and his megalomaniac intellect, knowing his talents for creating and engineering weapons of destruction on a grand scale.

"I am the creator, and must be allowed to lead the Daleks" Davros told the Supreme Dalek. "With the death of the Dalek Emperor, control must be mine." "There is only one who is the supreme leader of the Daleks, and that is me" ranted the Dalek Supreme. "You are here for a purpose, but you are not here to be the leader of the Dalek race, only to further our cause and replenish the genetic code. You are my prisoner, not my superior."
Davros muttered something under his breath, but the fact remained that he only been freed from one prison to be under the control of the Daleks, the race of beings he had created, but who now had broken away from his influence to become entirely independent. "You will provide DNA and living cells to improve the Dalek race, and you will help us without question. OBEY" the Dalek Supreme yelled. "Very well, I will comply with your request" Davros replied.

In another galaxy the being known as ' The Doctor ' was now fully aware of the destruction of Temon 5, and the fact that Davros was free and with the Daleks. He began to flip switches and push buttons in his TARDIS. "Yet another battle with his arch enemies loomed ahead, and he hadn't got a clue how he was going to deal with it. At least for the moment he hadn't, but help was to come later from a most unusual source; and it would prove to be very helpful in the fight yet to come.

In a time long past, the allies of the Doctor were getting ready to travel in time. They knew what they had to do and just how to do it. The three of them were all that existed, created by the Doctor himself in another incarnation. Alpha, Beta and Omega were Daleks, but Daleks with a difference, for they had human emotion who felt that all the hatred Daleks had for the Doctor had never solved anything. They would not be able to fight the entire Dalek nation, but they had other plans to assist the Time Lord with the forthcoming conflict; and that would include their own sacrifice if it became necessary. The plan was to somehow humanize the Dalek Supreme and remove Davros to another time and place. They just needed to get their own brains linked into the Dalek battle computer to get inside the mind of every living Dalek, including the Dalek Supreme himself.

The Dalek plan was to create their own universe with themselves as the only lifeforms, but this had already happened in another universe, while this one was about to have a completely different event which would create an entirely different history. Davros had his own plans, the Dalek Supreme had his; and the Doctor had his plans which did not include the successful conclusion of either of his opponents plans, but did include the Dalek defeat by using other Daleks in a full scale civil war. It all depended on the only 3 Daleks the Doctor could call his allies, namely Alpha, Beta and Omega. 
Meanwhile the Crucible ship was nowhere near completion, and this was a cause of annoyance to the Dalek Supreme who had the section leader for the project exterminated on the spot for failure. Davros had been given his own personal guard Daleks and all the laboratory equipment he required, as his DNA was used to create a new breed of Dalek.

On Temon Prime meanwhile, the TARDIS had landed and the Doctor had learned of the total annihilation of Temon 5. It was here that the Time Lord met up with his 3 Daleks, and together with the Temons, he held a war council to plan the coming battle with the Daleks on the planet Zarcon. 
The Dalek Supreme had received a coded message from a small group of Daleks he did not know of, to inform him that Davros planned to take over the Dalek race by treachery. He did not recognize the senders, but it was most definitely Dalek in origin and had the correct encrypted signature. What he didn't know was this message had been sent by the Doctor, using his own Dalek Alpha as the sender. 
The Dalek Supreme was now convinced that Davros meant to take control of the Dalek race and destroy him. This could not be allowed to happen, as even though the Daleks were using Davros to their own purposes, the fact remained that they did not trust him and would never let him be their leader or Emperor.

The Doctor explained to the Temon leaders that his own Daleks were here to help, and that they need not fear them. The task of them infiltrating the Dalek army with a view to getting them to fight each, instead of attacking the other 4 planets in the Temon system appealed to them greatly; and so it was that they sent out a small spacecraft containing the 3 Daleks friendly to the Time Lord, which then proceeded to head for the planet Zarcon and the Daleks secret base there.
"Now we wait until I get the signal. Then I will go to Zarcon and put the second phase of my plan into action" the Doctor said with a broad beam across his face.

The Doctor's Daleks were greeted by their kin like they were members of the Cult of Skaro, or some kind of re-found religion. The new breed of Daleks were amazed that 3 Daleks who they believed had been destroyed such a long time ago, still existed. Many Daleks decided that they no longer needed Davros, as here was 3 of their kind who could provide pure Dalek DNA; and so they began to incubate new dalek creatures from these 3 older Daleks, not knowing of their human traits. The Doctor's plan was working, as before long many more Daleks like Alpha and the other 2 were pouring off the assembly line.
Soon after, the civil war began.

Dalek killed Dalek, and even Davros was killed by the humanized Daleks. All work on the Crucible ship stopped, and eventually this too was destroyed by the new breed of Daleks. The Dalek Supreme was not going to admit defeat, but his plans were going very badly indeed.
The Doctor led an attack by the Temons who blasted the planet Zarcon into oblivion. All the Daleks were completely destroyed, as even Alpha, Beta and Omega had sacrificed themselves for their friend the Doctor.
The celebrations on Temon Prime were a joyous thing to behold. The Temon people made the Doctor a Senator of their High Council. He was given a robe of state, but just as he raised a glass of their finest wine to toast their victory, he felt a sudden jolt and a voice from afar saying something to him.

"Doctor, Doctor wake up" said the voice of Professor Wirral. "What? Where am I?" the Doctor asked. "You're in my office at the University of Norwich here on Earth; remember? You were telling me about some race of nasty creatures called Daleks. I went to get us some tea, and when I returned just a moment ago, I found you'd dropped off to sleep in the warm summer sunshine coming through the windows" the Professor told him.
"I had the most incredible dream, but sadly that's all it was, just a dream" the Doctor moaned. A glint of sadness appeared in the Time Lords eyes, as he remembered that the Temon system had been totally and utterly destroyed by the Daleks, in the very early years of the Time war. "I've dreamed of ghosts from the past, who are now all long gone forever. It's time to move on and look to the future, now that the stolen Earth is back in its rightful place. I'll have that tea now thanks."
They sat mostly in silence for the rest of the day, when the Doctor finally went back to his faithful old TARDIS, and he left Earth once more to head off into the wild blue yonder. Not knowing, or really caring as to what new adventure may yet lie ahead of him?

                                     THE  END

Whispers from Time

Panas was a historian and an archaeologist among his race, the Thals. He had longed to get back to study the old home world for ages, and now at the age of 107 he had finally achieved his goal. This was not old for a Thal, as they often lived to be 150 or older. Panas stood in the entrance hall of what had once been the city of the Daleks. He was on the old dead planet of Skaro where his ancestors had once lived, and thanks to a stranger known simply as "The Doctor", the Thals had been freed from tyranny and eventually moved out to live on other planets.
The Daleks had died out on Skaro over a thousand years ago, after a disaster overtook the planet and almost destroyed it utterly. Now only a dead planet remained, but it still held some interest to a historian like Panas.

He had come alone to Skaro, as although his wife wanted to come and bring some friends along, he decided not to bring anyone else as if he did find anything worth finding, he wanted to keep the glory for himself.
He wandered along a dusty corridor, the old city as silent as a tomb.
Suddenly a voice cried out from nearby, "look out, they're behind you." He turned quickly, but there was nothing to be seen. "The Daleks, they are coming" the ethereal voice rang out yet again, as it seemed to vibrate from the very walls themselves.
Then the whispers began. So many voices, so much pain and anguish, it was a living nightmare to listen to them.

Occasionally one would scream, but still there was nothing to be seen that was tangible. Nothing except the cold metallic walls, floor and ceiling. Not being scared of ghosts, Panas continued to search the city; but still the relentless whispers pursued him wherever he went.
Just what were they and what was causing them? Something was terribly wrong, the city wasn't supposed to be haunted; and if it had been inhabited by the Daleks, why were these voices not theirs but sounded more like humanoids? This was a mystery he would have to search for, and he may need help after all to find the answer.

A team of Thal scientists was sent to join Palas on Skaro, but although they searched the old city from top to bottom and end to end, they could find nothing. "The old man has gone mad being here on his own" one of them said. "Yes, he's delirious and suffering from hallucinations" said another; but the medical officer could nothing wrong with Palas, even after doing several brain scans. "This worries me old friend, as I know you and you don't tell lies. So just what is it that you heard" Medical Officer Reaver asked?
"Like I said, it was voices, though most were whispers. All except one which cried out many times as if in pain" Palas replied. "All I know is, I want to investigate this much more and try to discover the reason for this, as it would be most unusual for so many ghosts to make themselves heard in one place. Assuming you believe in ghosts of course."

The medical officer remained on Skaro with a security team after the science team had gone. Reaver wanter to believe what his old friend had told him, but with no proof it would be hard to come up with any answer. 

Reaver lay on his bunk as night fell. He had decided to sleep in one of the old Dalek interrogation cells, as it was deathly quiet in the depths of the long dead city. He jumped up in shock as a voice came at him from the wall at the base of his bed. "Get out you fool, the Daleks are coming, we are all doomed" it said in a manner which sounded more like a command than a request. "Who are you" Reaver inquired, but then the entire room seemed to vibrate with the sound of whispering. In spite of the temperature being very warm on Skaro, even during the middle of the night, the room suddenly felt ice cold and smelled dank, a smell of death pervaded the air which made it feel like a morgue or a tomb. This place did not feel evil, just very unwelcoming.

He dashed across to find Palas. "So you heard it too then? Not a pleasant experience is it, but why does the central voice keep warning us about the Daleks. They died out on Skaro over a thousand years ago, and their far flung empire was virtually wiped out in the Time War with their enemies the Time Lords. To our knowledge only one Time Lord remains, and if any Daleks did survive, then these are very far away from here" Palas said; yet he could not hide the worried look on his face. His eyes almost took on the same terror that those who had seen a living Dalek in action showed. 
Just then, the security commander came rushing in. He stopped at the doorway, his face full of excitement. "Sir, we've found a secret area which has never been seen by Thals, or probably no one else until now. And it is full of thousands of what appear to be dead dalek mutant embryos."
Palas and Reaver rushed after the commander, who led them into a vast bunker in the very depths of the city. Three guards stood by the door. "Anything to report" the commander asked. "Nothing much since you left, except we keep hearing them whisper to each other, which is impossible since they've all been dead for ages by the look of them" his second in command reported.
"Reaver and I wish to take a look at these creatures in their incubators Commander, if that is alright with you?" Palas said. "Go ahead, as you two are the experts here" came back the reply.

Palas and Reaver began to move down the long rows of dead mutants, beings which would have become yet more Daleks if they had been transferred into the war machines that the Daleks travelled around in. 
One of the mutants looked fresher than the others, as if it had died last. It was a wonder any of them were still intact, as no decomposing of tissue was evident, so he reckoned it must have been the conditions inside the chambers that prevented them from rotting away.
Palas touched the best looking specimen. He jumped back in shock as it moved, and the voice rang out "Keep away, the Daleks are coming. They will kill you all when they get here."
This time all the security guards heard the cry. Was it a threat, a cry for help or just a warning? The Thals did not know, but they were becoming very scared by the voice which had reverberated around the walls of the underground bunker. Then the whispers began again, but louder and pierced with the occasional scream of anguish or despair.
None of the other Dalek mutants moved or showed any signs of life upon further investigation, but the fresh looking one still twitched the odd tentacle when it was probed.
"This one still seems to be alive" Reaver said to the others, "But how after so long down in this bunker is a mystery to me." "We should take it home to do research on it" the security commander said. "NO, not one Dalek will ever get near a Thal child again" roared Palas. "These creatures were utterly evil and created by a maniac Kaled scientist. We must kill it now before it is too late."

Some debate went on, but the security team finally got there way and escorted Reaver and Palas away from the bunker. Two of the Thal security guards were left to prevent anyone entering without permission, so the chance to destroy the last living Dalek on Skaro was denied.
Late that same night the voice came back to both Palas and Reaver. It simply said, "Don't say I didn't warn you." Then the voice became a whisper and joined the others once more.

Deep inside the bunker, the creature knew it was the last survivor and that all its companions were long since dead. This was a set back, but it did not matter, as it only needed one to continue. The final Dalek frontier to make a race of super beings. The biggest experiment ever devised by them, and he would become the new leader of this new race. A race that would ultimately produce the most superior Daleks ever to be seen anywhere in the entire universe. But for now patience was required, as the day of this new beginning was nearing its dawn; and it would come around soon enough. The mutant moved uneasily, as it sensed the whispers around it and did not know their meaning, or where they came from; but these things were only a minor irritation to a superior being such as he. Hours flew by into days, and still the eerie whispers continued to float out from the walls like some gathering of ethereal beings. The mutant creature seemed to grow in strength as though it were draining the life force from its dead companions. 
Palas sat on his bunk listening to try and catch what the whispers might be saying. Then the voice came through loud and clear again. "What are you, what do you want of us?" Palas asked. This time he was stunned by what happened next. The wall nearest to him took on the contours of a face, the face of an old man. The face chuckled in mirth, then it answered "My friend, I am the Doctor. Not the one who is alive now, but the imprinted memory of the very first Doctor. It was I who first fought the Daleks, and although my most recent incarnation is a long way from here, my essence was left inside these walls to serve as a warning to anyone who enters. The Daleks will never die, for just as good conquers all, so evil lives on also."

Palas was shocked at seeing a disembodied face talking to him, let alone one from a Time Lord who no longer existed in this form. Thal legend had told of the man who defeated the Daleks inside their own city, but he was long gone and the present one looked nothing like him, as he kept changing his outward appearance so often.
"You keep warning us that the daleks are coming" he told the face, "But we have not seen any signs of any apart from the one mutant alive in the bunker."
"Ah yes, the secret experiment which was never meant to be found until the fall of the empire. Then the Daleks would rise again under a new leader. One of the chosen 'special daleks' which were placed in the bunker. If only I could have stopped it, but it's too late."
"Too late! Why is that?" asked Palas. "Because the bunker has already sealed itself off, and the Daleks are coming back to Skaro" the face replied with a frown.

Deep in the bunker, the Thal guards found they could not reopen the doors, no matter what they tried to do it with. The commander reported to Reaver, "Sir, a ship has been sighted entering this galaxy. It is reported that it is of no design known to us, but looks like it could be of dalek origin.
It will reach Skaro in 3 days time."
The mutant felt it had to grow stronger, as it sensed the coming of others of its kind. Yet it knew that it was superior even to these beings. Something in its genetic makeup told it so. It waited patiently, as it had done so for over a thousand years already, so what did it matter if it had just 3 days before its deliverance from this place.  

"We must leave before it is too late" Palas entreated with the others, but only his friend Reaver agreed to to go with him. "Those fools think they can stay and defend this place with just a squad of 12 men" Reaver said, knowing full well that it would take at least 100 times this number to have any chance at all.
"I wonder what were those whispers we heard, as only the one belonging to the Doctor made any sense and was able to communicate with me" Palas replied.
The 2 Thals left the security team behind on Skaro, and headed home to make their report to the Thal high council.

The voice of the old Doctor spoke calmly to the vast army of whisperers. "Hush now, you did your best to destroy the Dalek mutants; and you did manage to kill all but one, but sadly our work here is done." The souls of millions of dead beings fell silent. Beings whose planets had been wiped out by the Daleks over many centuries. The sound of silence was worse than the whispers, it made those Thals who had remained behind feel suddenly very scared.
The following day the space ship landed on Skaro. Three Daleks entered the city, and quickly killed the Thals left behind. Then they opened up the bunker and collected the last living mutant creature from inside, and took it back to their ship.

Inside the ship, the creature was placed into the war machine casing that had been made for it. The machine was constructed from Dalekanium, Flidor Gold and Xillon quartz. But this was no ordinary Dalek, it was not even an Emperor Dalek. It was special, it was a new breed of superior Dalek.
"All hail our new Dalek Supreme" they cried.
"I am the first of a new race. I will make a race of super-daleks. Never again will the Daleks be defeated as our history will be eradicated, and a new one will be made.

                                        The End 

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