Glanadda H - Z

In loving memory of Ellis Hughes the beloved husband of Jane Hughes, 9 Mount Street, Bangor, who departed this life March 10th, 1882, aged 58 years.  Also of Ellis William Thomas son of William and Jane Thomas, Boot Warehouse, neice of the above who died December 20th, 1812, aged 91 year.
The Reverend John Hughes, 1876-1955 / Enid Hughes 1885-1986
Here lie the mortal remains of Josiah Hughes (Ironmonger of this City) the immortal spirit, having passed from earth June 26th, 1893, after a pilgrimage of 64 years. A man of rare parts and worth, beloved at home; cherished by his friends, honoured as a citizen. Also of Lilias Stevenson, wife of the above, who died at Dumfries, Scotland, September 1st, 1900, aged 74 years.  And also John Stevenson son of the above who died March 7th, 1902, and is buried at Cobar, Australia, aged 47 years.
In loving memory of John Jones, 9 St. Pauls Terrace at ... ..., aged 71 years. Also Ann Ellen Jones daughter of the above died Jan 31, 1913, aged 50 years "Gone but not forgotten"
Er Serchog am William Jones, bu farw Hyd 12, 1804 yn 66 ml oed. Catherine Jane Jones, bu farw Medi 23, 1914, yn 60 ml oed. A'u plant Cadwal Adr Huws, bu farw Mawrth 9, 1892, yn 6 ml oed, Huw Emrys, bu farw Medi 21, 1946, yn 60 ml oed
Er cof am Ellen Lewis, Annwyl briod W. Lewis, 47 Fountain Street, Hirael, Bangor, yr hon a fu farw Ion. 20, 1888., yn 58 mlwydd oed. Hefyd y dywededig William Lewis a fu farw ....... 21, ...., yn 72 mlwydd oed
In loving memory of Muriel Louise the beloved child of Charles and Katie Lewis, Caederwen, Bangor, born Mayday1835, died Christmas Day, 1889. Also of their son Charles Vernon Lewis, lieut 11th Batt. South Wales Borderers, the beloved husband of Edith J. G. Lewis-nee Alexander who died at Weymouth on August 18th 1915, aged 32 years. Also of their son-in-law Edward Lloyd Roberts of Lismore Newsham Park. Liverpool. the beloved husband of Edith Lav.. Roberts and eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Lloyd Roberts of Beu...ll Sands who died at Llanfairfechan February 6th, 1921, aged .. years. Also of their eldest daughter Mabel Katherine Lloyd who died at Corwen, August ...., 1923, aged 43 years.
Er cof am Margaret, annwyl briod Hugh Owen, 60 Ambrose Street, yr hon a fu farw Hydref 28, 1884, yn 78 mlwydd oed. Hefyd y dywededig Hugh Owen a fu farw Medi 21, 1895, yn 72 mlwydd oed. "Ti a daeu mewn henaint yr bedd, fellu gyfyd ysgafn o ye yn ei amser"
Er cof am Martha, annwyl briod Richard Owen gynt o Beaumaris, bu farw Ionawr 12fed 1887, yn 66 oed. Hefyd y dywededig Richard Owen yr hwn a fu farw Mai 14eg 1891 yn 70 oed
Er serchog am Capt. Hugh Parry, 41 Holyhead Road, Upper Bangor, yr hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu Chwefror 15, 1910 yn 66 mlwydd oed. Hefyd Ellen gweddw yr uchod yr hon a fu farw Hydref 6ed 1920, yn 73 mlwydd oed
In loving memory of Emyr Owen Price, M.D.. born 19th July, 1857, died 9th February, 1919. God called our loved ones but we lose not ...., what he hath given when time on earth in thought and deed, as only .. his heaven.
In loving remembrance of Robert Vallance who died Oct 1st, 1987, aged 87 years. Also Elizabeth Cambell Vallance who died June 30th 1851, aged 11 months. Zilpha Crowther Vallance died November 12, 1943, aged 85 years. "In the sunshine of God's love" In loving memory of Cambell Crowther Vallance who died on August 28th, 1877, aged 83 years. Muriel Vallance who died on May 29, 1987 aged 87 years

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