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  This kind of testing can be done in an informal manner just purely for interest or in a more formal setting using a grading system assessing various aspects of the dog's behaviour with stock. The purpose of the Herding Aptitude Test is to observe the instinctive reactions of a dog in a controlled environment.  With no previous training commands are irrelevant and are kept to a minimum.

Currently in the UK we do not have a recognised Herding Aptitude Test for Bearded Collies, so for a formal test we use the paperwork and guidelines which are in place in Sweden. This Test requires that the dog displays a convincing level of natural ability plus evidence of trainability with co-operation with a handler, and in order to pass the dog is required to show sustained interest in the stock for a period of approximately 15 minutes. 

We use a smallish well-fenced paddock containing about half a dozen quiet sheep, and the trainer is in overall control of the situation to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all concerned

****If you own a Bearded Collie - or any other "unusual" herding breed - and would like to attend a testing/training session, either as a participant with your dog or as a spectator, please feel free to contact us for more information.  You can do this via our "FEEDBACK" link - or if you prefer, contact Jackie Goulder directly at The Glebe for up-to-date details of proposed testing/training sessions - her web link is www.spanglefish.com/BeardedColliesforShepherding


                                 ROLL OF HONOUR

Our own DIVA (Talraz Indiana) has the honour of being the first UK Bearded Collie to be formally assessed and awarded the Swedish Herding Aptitude Certificate when tested by visiting trainer Carl Borgstrom in August 2007.  Since then a number of dogs have been passed according to the same guidelines and a full list appears on the designated page on the Herding Beardies website  -see www.spanglefish.com/HerdingBeardies


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