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           RUBY & JEANNIE


These two are litter sisters by Ch Talraz Tamarisk ("Barney") ex Wellknowe Winter Winds.  The litter of four were given "jewellery" names in honour of their late mother, whose pet name was "Silver".

The brown girl is Ruby (Talraz Golden Earring) and a sweeter-natured Beardie would be hard to find, her tail works overtime and she makes new friends everywhere she goes.  Like a true blonde she can seem a little brainless at times, but she more than makes up for it by being so gentle, obedient and cuddly.  Everyone loves her!

Jeannie (Talraz Siver Charm) is much deeper and can appear standoffish at first meeting, being very selective she prefers to choose her friends with care.  She is a wise girl and never puts herself at risk, allowing Ruby to take the lead on most occasions.

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