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                    Naturally-reared puppy aged six weeks

Our dogs have been our greatest teachers.  In their reactions and responses they have guided us over the years to constantly strive for better ways to keep them happy and healthy, forgiving us our mistakes and showing clearly when we have done things right for them.

       Some of our dogs out at exercise on the hillside near our home


Since 1997 we have fed a simple natural diet, based on raw meaty bones and whole small carcasses as per the teachings of Dr Tom Lonsdale, and have seen our dogs glow with vibrant good health, glossy coats & clean teeth.


              BLAZE aged six months enjoying a meal of fresh rabbit

Hand in hand with the feeding changes came a big change in our vaccine regimes, first dropping the annual boosters and soon after no longer subjecting our puppies to any vaccines at all, except those deemed compulsory by law. Our current youngsters are fourth generation raw-fed and no-vax. We could not knowingly now return to the old system and the tins and packets which we have learned are so detrimental to the health of the modern dog.


We use no chemical flea treatments or de-wormers, and take care to avoid synthetic "treats",  many of which are laden with sugar, salt and preservatives. Our dogs almost never need to visit a vet which is our proof that this natural lifestyle suits them very well. They have clean teeth, bright eyes and good coats with no "doggy" odour, and are active without being hyperactive. 

Our LINKS page contains several references for those who may wish to investigate natural rearing for themselves, and at the end of 2007 the Canine Health Concern  released a DVD containing much of this information -  which would certainly be a good investment for any owner committed to a healthier lifestyle for their dogs. The DVD can be ordered from CHC using the LINKS page on our site, and it can also be sampled via this link http://www.dogwise.com/video/video.cfm?itemid=CDN221

                   Filming taking place for the CHC DVD

We look forward to even further improvements in the next generations: always aiming for good health, stable temperaments, and the kind of workmanlike beauty which fits the breed standard as we interpret it.


                            "TALRAZ BEARDED COLLIES "

                                    ESTABLISHED 1978

                          NATURALLY REARED SINCE 1997


              N.B. Please also see notes below photo gallery.....



"What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccinations" -  Catherine O'Driscoll

"Shock To The System" -  Catherine O'Driscoll

"Raw Meaty Bones" - Dr Tom Lonsdale

"Work Wonders" - Dr Tom Lonsdale

"Give Your Dog A Bone" - Dr Ian Billinghurst

"Grow Your Pups With Bones" - Dr Ian Billinghurst




                                      MEG AND RUBY

For general information about natural/alternative dog care we recommend you check out


which is a friendly supportive group for novice (and not so novice!) raw feeders and a great starting point for new puppy owners.

 Meet online other dog owners committed to a deeper understanding of their friends' wellbeing



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