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                     Talraz bitch puppies aged eight weeks, two slate and one tricolour

We breed only occasionally and usually have something of a waiting list for our puppies, but are delighted to say that over the years several families have returned for second, third, and even up to fifth Bearded Collies from TALRAZ which we take as a huge compliment.


                                               Blaze as a  puppy aged six weeks

Our aim is always to produce sound, healthy, well-reared Bearded Collies with the happy stable temperaments which are so typical of this lovely breed.  Our stud dogs are selected with care to complement the virtues of our bitches, and all puppies are handled and petted from day one to ensure they are confident and friendly around people.


    Black and white puppies aged eight weeks - will normally lighten to slate as they mature

The welfare of our puppies is very important to us, and we like to take our time matching them up to the perfect homes.  The Beardie is a wonderful breed, but not the dog for everyone, with its lively but sensitive nature, and high needs for grooming and companionship 

It should be noted, and clearly understood, that we are committed to natural rearing for our dogs and puppies, and prefer to place puppies only in homes willing and able to continue raw feeding etc.  If such lifestyle choices are not for you, we may be able to put you in touch with other breeders to continue your search for a puppy, but regret we are likely to refuse your enquiry - so please be honest with yourself and with us on this subject!

If you are a first-time Beardie owner, do take the time to educate yourself a little about the needs of these dogs, as a mismatch can cause much heartache. Visitors to meet the adult dogs in residence, before committing to a puppy, are encouraged here, and we are happy to discuss any aspect of Bearded Collie ownership, but please call first to check that we are free - and we'll get the kettle on!


Two of our adults - here the two browns Ruby (foreground) and her daughter Honey

Sire of our 2010 litter, the dark slate/white dog TALRAZ WHITE FEATHERS ( by Ch & Ir Ch Gallus Macracker at Kyleca JW   ex Merrythorpe Blackberry Way)

Our pups are naturally reared and weaned onto a raw natural diet from the start, and we welcome experienced raw feeders with open arms.  However, we are more than happy to offer guidance and support to those new to this way of feeding, in order that our youngsters  may continue to receive the best nutrition for good growth and a healthy life in their new homes.  Elsewhere on our website are links and references which we hope will be useful on the subject of feeding a natural diet.


From mothers' milk, the best first food.....


              .........now progressing to raw minced beef, lamb ribs, and their first chicken carcasses


Puppy playpen in use.....

.......all fifteen occupants at play!


Genuine enquiries are always welcome from permanent loving family homes, prepared to go the extra mile for that special dog (see also our "Testimonials" page). 

All puppies are vet checked before leaving our premises, and are available to approved homes only.  We recommend that new owners become members of the Bearded Collie Club and take every opportunity to learn more about their chosen breed.

   We further would recommend that membership of the Canine Health Concern is a wise move, for quarterly newsletters and other chances to learn. 













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