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In Memory of our Beautiful Girl Phoebe

(Wellknowe Candle Light 1CC)  10/10/97 - 21/8/07

Phoebe was about ten weeks old the first time I saw her, playing with her two sisters Rosie and Rachel at her breeder's (Miss Pat Jones).... three such pretty babies....  I had long admired their handsome sire Shep (Ch Wellknowe Craftsman) and loved the temperament of their clever mum Panda (Wellknowe Four Seasons) so took a special interest in this litter.

When Phoebe was about five months old Pat asked me if we would like her to come and live with us, on an informal partnership basis, and of course I said yes!!!  And so this sweet, gentle, self-effacing little bitch joined our household, where she fitted in so well, friends with everyone but especially close to Jess.

As a youngster she blossomed, and began to win well at the shows, including BPIS at the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Ch Show, and a Challenge Certificate at the tender age of 19 months.  However soon before her third birthday we found a strange "lump" and she endured major abdominal surgery, complicated by severe peritonitis, and we were lucky not to lose her, but she defied the odds and made a brave recovery.

I guess you could say she was "spoilt" after that, as we always felt some of her strength had gone, so she was treated just a little bit differently, and if she seemed tired, or had an "off day", no pressure was ever put on her.  Eventually it became clear that the trips to shows weren't suiting her as well as they once had, she didn't always enjoy them and would sometimes be quite ill the day after.  Reluctantly, as she was still very beautiful, with her glorious dark blue coat highlighted with classic white markings, we retired her from all but a very occasional outing. Phoebe became a full-time pet and a wonderful companion dog, and very happy she was too, with a smile and a wag for everyone, and the kindest nature you could ever want. I can honestly say that in all the time I knew her, I never once heard Phoebe so much as growl at any other living creature.  Car rides were a joy to her, especially those that included a new walk, with exciting smells and long grass to roll in, but she loved her routine too, and her food!   Phoebe's needs were simple, and she was utterly content with her peaceful life.

How sad we were that this dear gentle happy girl was hit by such a cruel disease as cancer. She was diagnosed in January 2007 and given a very poor prognosis. Bravely she carried on, doing all her normal things until well into the Summer, then slowing down with enormous courage and dignity until she finally left us, quietly and gracefully, on the morning of 21st August, two months short of her tenth birthday.

Everybody who knew Phoebe loved her: she was that kind of dog. She is sorely missed by all of us here at Talraz.


Sadly Miss Jones also passed away, on 5th June this year (2008) R.I.P.


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