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Come-bye or just bye - go to the left of the stock, or clockwise around them.
Away to me, or just away or 'way - go to the right of the stock, or counterclockwise around them.
Stand - stop, although when said gently may also mean just to slow down.
Wait, (lie) down or sit - stop.
Steady or take time - slow down.
Cast - gather the stock into a group. Good working dogs will cast over a large area.
Find - search for stock. A good dog will hold the stock until the shepherd arrives. Some will bark when the stock have been located.
Get out or get back - move away from the stock. Used when the dog is working too close to the stock, potentially causing the stock stress. Occasionally used as a reprimand.
Hold - keep stock where they are.
Bark or speak up - bark at stock. Useful when more force is needed, and usually essential for working cattle and sheep.
Look back - return for a missed animal.
In here - go through a gap in the flock. Used when separating stock.
Walk up, walk on or just walk - move in closer to the stock.
That'll do - stop working and return to handler.

These commands may be indicated by a hand movement, whistle or voice.  Herding dog commands are generally taught using livestock but 'hobby herders'  without access to livestock can teach basic commands through herding games.


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