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             Charncroft Cloverglen  x   Charncroft Copper Surprise

 26th  April 1989 -  3rd  September 2004

    Breeder Jacky James

Jacqui & Hugh's ROSIE was  a show girl par excellence, having won a Working Group (Driffield '96), 4 CC's & 1RCC.

They took their 'show girl 'to the first Herding Instinct Assessment day back in 1995 & to their delight  came back with a 'sheepdog' - a truly emotional day!  That  was the first of many happy herding days that ROSIE & her son BOB had with trainer Jackie at Kirby Misperton.  You can follow her progress in the photos.

 Her strong herding instinct  has been inherited by her son BOB, & grand-daughter NELL - a herding dynasty!!!!

Rosie in show pose taken in 1999 when she was 10 years old




October '95 Rosie's second time on sheep, flanking the flock calmly - keeping out well

Early training - note the tail - not indicative of concentration, but still keeping off the sheep well

Hugh teaching Rose to keep a comfortable working distance from the sheep.

Another training photo - Hugh is using a long cane to protect the sheep & encourage Rosie to keep her distance.

Following Jacqui as she divides the flock in two, the basis for  the  shedding exercise.

At last - Rosie is able to 'do her own thing'! She is driving a big flock steadily across the field to the pen.

A real sheepdog
A favourite photo - sheepdog Rosie concentrating on her job, tail down, calmly moving her flock along.

Highland Drovers
Lynn Paterson of Lynniel Arts & Illustration (see advert ) painted this lovely scene for Crufts 2006. It is taken from photos of Rosie & Bob - it shows a working dog taking her rest after a hard day.




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