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The following thirteen KC & WBCS registered  Beardies, several from Overseas, were awarded their Herding Instinct Certificate at Jacky's during 2012. The Certificate is  endorsed by the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland.

Well done  to you all!!


 Talraz Silver Tiara                            P & M Gselle

Talraz White Lace                            L & M Jay

In Vogue Island's High Society at Talraz L & M Jay

George van der Kleiner Baeren             D Speile

Ellington Duke de Chester                   A Pettit

Brambledale Bright Spot                       S Favre

Strawberry Fields Racing Dust             C Grosser

Raving Spirit Amaddin                        C Grosser

Boomtown Cinderella                        W Stevens

Khemse to Raise a Dust                     W Stevens

Lloyd to Raise a Dust                         W Stevens

Farouche to Raise a Dust              H Vanderbroeck

Lennox to Raise a Dust                 H Vanderbroeck



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