Register of Salmon Fishers

Register of Salmon Fishers, Rosemarkie

‘c’ estimated date of birth from the parish register if marriage and birth of children when the salmon fisher was 20-40 years old.  

Name                    Date born         Fishing Station

Christian Aird                      1840

John Aird                             1837

Murdo Bain                           1810                             Shore, Rosemarkie

James Barbour                     1862                            Learnie and Eathie

John Bonney                         1844                       Fishing Hut, Cromarty

James Cameron                    1870                            Learnie and Eathie 

William Clark                        1806                   Carse Beach, Ardersier

John Chisholm                      c1816/1794

Robert Davidson                  1877                            Eathie

Donald Denoon                     1814

William Duff                        c1830/10

David Elder                          1857                            Balhepburn, Rhynd

David Finlayson                    1849                            Back of the Hill

David Ferguson                    c1820/00

David Foreman                     1800

Peter Foreman                     1826

Alexander Fraser                1824

Andrew Gilmour                   1870                            Navity

Charles Gordon                    c1810/00

John Gordon                         1837 salmon fisher and grocer

George Gordon                     1805 tenant of salmon fishings

George Gordon                     1842

Hugh Gordon                        1847

Thomas Gordon                    1834    Chanonry Point and The Shore

John Gow                             1816                    The Shore, Rosemarkie

John Grant                           c1822/02

William Holm                        c1820/00

John Hossack                       1815

John Hossack                       1866                   The Shore

William Hossack                   1815                    Learnie and The Shore

Robert Inner                       1798

Hugh Junor                          c1814/1796

Jonathon Junor                   1822                            Learnie

Robert Junor                       c1820/04

Roderick Junor                    c1820/00

William Junor                       1844               Learnie and Chanonry Point

William Leitch                      c1813/1793

Charles Linnon                      c1816/1796

George Logan                       c1810/1790

Alexander McAllan               1827                   Shore of Larnie

James MacDonald                1857                            Eathie

Alexander McCulloch           1851           Navity and Back of the Hill

Daniel McIvor                      c1810/1790

John McIver                        1845                   Chanonry Point

George McInnes                   1855                   Balhepburn, Rhynd

John McInnes                      1857                   Balhepburn, Rhynd

William McInnes                  1868                   Kinnon, Perthshire

James McKeddie                  1831

James McKennon                  1861                    Shore of Larnie

Alexander McKenzie            1816                    Chanonry Point

Alexander McKenzie            1827                   Learnie

Alexander McKenzie            1872                   The Shore 

Alexander McKenzie            1878                   Learnie

James McLennan                  1816                    Chanonry Point

John Maclennan                    1820 overseer SF Chanonry Point

James Macgrowther            c1810/1790 SF and cooper

Alexander Masson               1817                    Chanonry Point

John Masson                        1813                    Chanonry Point

William Masson                    1847

Alexander Mustard              1832          Learnie and The Shore

John Miller                          1866

Robert Miller                       1866                   The Shore

Murdo Morrison                   1824                   Fortrose Point

Hugh Munro                          1826                   The Shore

Hugh Munro                          1881                    The Shore

Jonathon Munro                   1821                    The Shore

William Munro                      1824 SF and shoemaker

David Mutch                         1877                   Eathie

Alexander Owens           1861                    Chanonry Point

Henry Owens                       1867                   Back of the Hill

James Owens                       1859                   Chanonry Point

George Paterson                  c1810/1790 SF + cooper

George Paterson                  1837                   Fortrose Point

John Paterson                      1872                   Fortrose Point

John Reid                             1880                   Eathie

John Ross                             1801

Donald Ross                          1821                    Shore of Larne

James Shepherd                 1865                   Back of the Hill

Alexander Simpson              1816                    Cromarty

David Sinclair                      1813                    Back of the Hill

Ephraim Sinclair                   1848                   Back of the Hill

William Sinclair                   1843                   Back of the Hill

Murdo Sutherland               1823

Roderick Taser                    1877

Donald Thompson                 1833                   Shore of Larne

Donald Thompson                 1874

George Thompson                1810                    Chanonry Point

Richard Webster                 1801           Chanonry Point and The Shore

William Webster

James Williamson                1880                   Navity

James Young                        1803                   The Shore

William Young                       c1818/1798 SF manager




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