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Where was Welsh Plains produced?

This is a really interesting question. Chris Evans identified the areas, based on his research, but we wanted to find other references to try and make sense of the production and the transport. A number of CRVs were active in reading accounts of the time and searching for references in the classic books on the wool trade. 

Walter Davis, in "General View of the Agriculture and Domestic Economy of North Wales", (London, 1810) identifies the areas around:

Dolgellau, Trefeglwys, Barmouth,

Machynllech, Dinas Mawddwy,

Glyn Ceiriog, Corwen, Cynwyd, Llangollen

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However the shipping ports of Bristol, Liverpool and London are part of our story, as well as Shrewsbury and the border towns.

Also a lot more places in Wales had been producing cloth for export to England and the London Wool Market that attracted merchants from Europe for a longer period than the time of the increase in production to meet the Liverpool merchants requirements. 

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