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From the collections of the National Monuments Record of Wales: © Dave Davies Collection
O'r casgliadau o Gofnod Henebion Cenedlaethol Cymru : © Casglaid Dave Davies

Update September 2019

This website has been created to tell the story of Welsh Plains and to collect and share our research findings, which then be transferred to the People's Collection. 

NB the site will be translated into Welsh as soon as the frame is set and the information drafted. 

It's risky to share something in progress, but initially this site is being shared with key and active CRVs and Project Advisors, as I would appreciate your views:

Does this site seem as if it will tell the story of Welsh Plains adequately?

Are there obvious missing headings?
- this is only first draft and its easy to add and change

Any other comments welcome! 

And a special thank you to Dr Adam Coward who works for the Royal Commission, who made such an easy process of getting free permission to use this image! I have filed the necessary permissions and licence.

You can get back to the original website for CRVs here www.welshplains.cymru and through that link to come to the original CRV's Welsh site.

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