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Weaving with hand looms   

Liz asked: Geraint Jenkins writes that   "A length of this was known as a `frieze` whereas a piece of Strong Cloth. High Country Cloth from Meirionnydd was known as `a web' was 7/8 of a yard wide but 200 yards long."

Could they have woven 200 yards of fabric in one piece ? Or would they have pieced it together from manageable lengths that made fulling and tentering easier.

Sue says: "I’ve done a little google search and the best answer I could find suggests that 30yds would be likely to be the maximum warp length on a normal four shaft loom today - with possibly as much as 50yds if wound with paper between the turns of the warp rather than warping sticks.  It doesn’t look as if 200 yds would really be feasible and I can’t find anything about the length of pieces of cloth sold."

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