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Idioms in Cymraeg

Sue - one of the CRV team is learning Welsh and took up the challenge to try to find some Welsh idioms which relate to the woollen industry - she say's:

"Not much success, I'm afraid, but I have got a few.  I found a book of Welsh idioms and also asked my Welsh tutor.

Some of the English idioms do not directly translate - for example - 'to pull wool over her eyes' becomes 'to throw dust in her eyes'.

What I have found:

Cneifio mochyn (to shear a pig) - to do something which is more trouble than it's worth

Y diawl yn cneifio mochyn - to make lots of noise but achieve very little

Dafad ddu - black sheep

Mae dafad ddu ymhob praidd - there's a black sheep in every flock

Gwau trwyâi gilydd (to knit through the reciprocal) - to mill about, to weave about amongst one another

Brethyn cartref (homespun cloth) - home produced, often of entertainment

Clymu rhiwbeth wrth - to tie something to (clymu can mean to knit or knot)

Gwlanen o dynn/peth - a man or person of weak character (gwlanen = linen)

Yn ddiniwed fel oen - harmless like a lamb

Fel oen - docile (like a lamb)

Yr oen yn dysgwr ddafad i frefu/bori - the lamb copies the sheep to bleat/graze

Taluâr pwyth (to pay the stitch) - to retaliate

And more from Sue: 

Welsh words associated with the woollen trade:


gwlân – wool

edafedd – wool for knitting

gwlanog – woollen

melin wlân – woollen mill

gwau – weave

gwehyddiad –

gwehyddu – to weave

gwehydd – weaver

brethyn – cloth (heavy)

clwt – cloth

lliain – cloth (light)

masnach frethyn – cloth trade

nyddu – to spin

gwlanen – flannel

linsi – a mixture of flax and wool

crimsi – rough cloth with broad red lines in a background of grey

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