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Timeline 1650 - 1850

We suggest that you research and create your own timeline to understand the intrnational, national and local politics at this time.

This is Liz's timeline and its under development:

NB Google: Wikipedia "List of wars: 1500-1799" if you want to see how much animosity there was in Europe at this time!

1619 ? First enlaved Africans taken to the New World

1642 start of English Civil War

1644 Battle of Montgomery in English Civil War

1649 Abolition of Monarchy in England: Charles 1 executed and replaced by the "Commonwealth" led by Oliver Cromwell

1654  Jamaica captured by the British from the Spanish. Giffard Pennant, Master of the Horse for the British armed force stays to protect this new asset from the Spanish. Then he stays to develop what became very lucrative plantations. He was probably wise not to return to Wales! 

Interesting quote from David Starkey: The task therefore after the death of the military dictator, Oliver Cromwell, and the collapse of his hated regime under his incompetent son Richard, was to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and reunite King and Parliament, legislative and executive.

This was achieved in the Glorious Revolution of 1688/89 and its aftermath. And Britain – now properly so-called after the legislative Union of England and Scotland in 1707 – embarked on a glorious age of imperial expansion abroad and spreading prosperity at home."

1688/89 the Glorious Revolution - restoration of the Monarchy with James a Catholic, then William and Mary (James Protestant daughter.

1707 Union of England and Scotland (Wales already part of "England") 

1776 American Declaration of Independence (18 of 54 signatories thought to be Welsh) 

1815 Peace in Europe after Waterloo

1819 - the Chartists? 

1832 first of the Reform Acts that led to "one man, one vote" in 1884

1839-43 Rebecca Riots 

1849 North Wales Railway opened


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