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Alternative cable-stayed bridge (added by Bibhas Neogi 10 /05/13). It is to be constructed in two halves one each side of the tracks and parallel to the tracks. To be launched using Steerable multi-axle units and then on trestles for final launch . Uploaded by Gyratory1


The usual method of construction for a cable-stayed bridge is balanced cantilever construction on both sides of the tower but in this case, live construction over the tracks is not possible. Hence the method to adopt would be to construct the bridge in two halves - one on each side. There may not be enough room to do this along the final alignment and therefore they may be erected parallel to the tracks supported on steerable multi-axle transporters with the side span fully concreted and only profiled steel permanent shuttering placed on the half main span. The first stage of launch would be to rotate and place it on-line as close as possible to the Pier. The next stage would be to construct the temporary trestle supports and sliding bearings and launch by winching it against the Pier. The launch could be over live tracks if Network Rail is satisfied with the safety arrangements otherwise they would be under overnight track possessions. The two halves would be bolted up under another overnight track possession. The remainder of the work of concreting the deck and surfacing could be carried out safely without any interference to the trains below. To the best of my knowledge, this would be a pioneering technique i.e. the first in the world of the use of such a technique.

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