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Congestion and possible solutions to reduce the problems.
  1. Farnham Road/Guildford Park Road junction – mini roundabout and road capacity are hopelessly inadequate to cope with peak period traffic. Traffic at this junction needs to be greatly reduced. It is proposed to construct a new bridge over the railway some 100 metres north of the Station connecting Station View with Guildford Road Car Park Access Road leading to Guildford Park Road and making Farnham Road Bridge one-way eastwards into the Town Centre and the new bridge one-way westwards.
  1. Guildford Gyratory, the off-side lane in Bridge Street – traffic in this lane is held up by the traffic lights linked to the Onslow Street traffic (the Friary Pedestrian Crossing lights). See Item No. 5 below for the latest proposal (edited on 8 August 2013).
  1. Woodbridge Road/Onslow Street Junction – traffic coming through North Street and buses emerging from the Bus Station are regularly held up for long periods. Modifications to this junction are essential in keeping traffic flowing better. There are two options assuming the Bus Station stays in its current location:-.
i.                    Option 1- the nearside lane in Woodbridge Road from the exit of the Bus Station to Onslow Street is made into a Bus Lane. The off-side lane will go straight into the junction so effectively prohibiting a left turn on to Onslow Street. Traffic wanting to go south on Onslow Street will turn around at the roundabout. No change to the Onslow Street into Woodbridge Road movement is proposed.
ii.                  Option 2 - the junction is modified to allow left turn only into Onslow Street from Woodbridge Road but the left turn from Onslow Street into Woodbridge Road is maintained as in Option 1. This effectively stops crossing of Onslow Street by traffic emerging from Woodbridge Road and thus enables the removal of the traffic lights which cause further restriction to the flow in Onslow Street.
The above requires modifications to the junction of Woodbridge Road, Leapale Lane and Leapale Road. Traffic from Woodbridge Road heading for Onslow Street would be diverted into Leapale Lane, College Road and the end of College Road would require to be opened up to allow a left turn into York Road. This junction would require a set of traffic lights. The footpath leading to the subway would require to be realigned and a pedestrian crossing constructed across the exit of College Road. Buses emerging from the Bus Station heading north would also take this route and buses heading south would take the existing route. In Westfield’s proposal, when Leapale Road is made a two-way road, this modification still fits in OK. Furthermore, when the Bellerby Site is developed, accesses onto College Road and Leapale Lane from this site coupled with an access off York Road at the northern end of this site will provide a satisfactory traffic circulation path.
  1. York Road roundabout – traffic tailing back on Onslow Street affects this roundabout. Measures to reduce constraints on Onslow Street will improve the situation.A subway, if constructed, under Onslow Street opposite the Electric Theatre would reduce the number of pedestrians at the crossing opposite the Friary Entrance. This subway will provide a safer crossing for the pedestrians majority of whom head for the North Street and the High Street area and at the same time the frequency of the pedestrian crossing operation could be reduced to allow a freer flow of traffic. A further improvement resulting from this would be to remove the Bus Lane and utilise the full capacity of three lanes as traffic flow will become smoother (and thus not warranting a Bus Lane). For the latest proposal please see Item No. 5 below (edited on 8 August 2013).
  1. Pedestrian Crossing in Millbrook near the Town Bridge - The Puffin Crossing at times is causing traffic to tail back on Millbrook and it is affecting traffic in Onslow Street and Bridge Street. Modifications to the phasing would probably make the crossing more efficient. (Incidentally instead of filling in the subway, a better solution would have been to remove the ramps and relocate the steps within enclosures with clear roofs to keep the subway bright, dry and clean. Removal or making highway structures non-operational effectively throws away the investment initially made which could be millions of pounds and therefore requires a thorough assessment of benefits over loss of asset value.)+++++++++++++++++ Recently a sketch has been added showing a staggered Millbrook crossing to improve pedestrian safety and at the same time increase traffic flow particularly for the southbound traffic during peak periods . A further improvement of the gyratory would be possible when a link between Walnut Tree Close and Woodbridge Road is constructed to take the northbound traffic to Woodbridge Road rather than going through Bridge Street.  This would enable Bridge Street and the northbound Onslow Street to be reduced to one lane only and the barrier relocated to create an extra southbound lane in Onslow Street. Such an arrangement would greatly improve the gyratory traffic flows and two lanes from York Road then can flow into southbound Onslow Street instead of one dedicated lane turning left towards Woodbridge Road /Leapale Road direction. (edited on 9 July 2013)
  1. A320/A25 traffic lights – congestion is mainly in Stoke Road coming from the Town Centre. It is to do with the phasing time kept to an absolute minimum in order to maintain a better flow on the A25 and the A3/A320 northbound traffic. Widening on the nearside to lengthen the left lane, if possible, would improve flow of traffic (but see also 7 below).
  1. Traffic lights on the A320 northbound just before the A3 Stoke Road Interchange (I/C) bridges – this set of lights allow traffic turning right on to the A320 after coming down the A3 off-slip. A small number of vehicles carrying out this movement cause three lanes of traffic to be held up and tailing back to the A25/A320 junction. A possible solution is to bar this movement by closing the gap in the raised median and all traffic coming off the slip road to turn left and to create a roundabout on the A25 opposite the northeast corner of Lido or somewhere close to it. This roundabout would facilitate a turn around for the A320 northbound traffic. (This roundabout would also be used for traffic from the southbound A320 to access the proposed new on-slip to southbound A3 as outlined in 8 below).
  1. Congestion on A25 Ladymead – this stretch is extremely heavily trafficked due to Stoke Road and Denis roundabouts not being all directional . A possible remedy would be for the Highways Agency (HA) to make the Stoke Road I/C a fully operational I/C. This will require the construction of the two missing slip roads. Conventional southbound and northbound on-slips would require to be constructed together with conversion of the existing on-slip or rather the bottom half of it to connect up with the new off-slip. Modest changes to the layout of the lanes, pedestrian routes and traffic lights would also be required to maintain the safety of the new layout and crossings. Reduction of congestion on Ladymead would also benefit the Woodbridge Road/A25 junction and access to and exit from the Business Park.
  1. The A3/A31 junction – northbound traffic intensity will increase once Hindhead Tunnel is opened. Although percentage increase in volume of traffic is predicted to be small, the volume arriving at Guildford will certainly intensify and cause difficulty for the A31 merge. It is understood that the HA intends to widen the A3 from the A31 to Stag Hill I/C but no details are available yet. This scheme has been suspended due to recent cut backs to the roads programme. Please see the section on possible A3 improvements including access to the Manor Farm Park & Ride off the A3 and a new on-slip back to the A3 (edited on 8 August 2013) .
  1. Egerton Road roundabout near TESCO – At peak times, this roundabout is congested. Guildford BC intends to construct a Park & Ride (P&R) on Manor Farm but firm proposals are not yet known. Access is planned to be from the hospital roundabout modified to become a signalised junction, however, the HA should consider an off-slip from the A3 to this P&R..  It would be extremely beneficial to have access to the RSCH, Surrey University Buildings and Research Park from this P&R. Traffic from the A3 and the A31 could then use this off-slip and thus reduce congestion at this roundabout. Please see proposal for access to the Park & Ride off the A3 and relocated off-slip to Tesco roundabout together with a new on-slip backon to the A3 (edited on 8 August 2013).
  1. On-slip to the A3 southbound at Dennis roundabout – this is the only on-slip for almost the entire Guildford town and therefore heavily used. Although the merge has been improved in the recent past, it causes traffic on the A3 to slow down considerably and sometimes to come to a halt. It is proposed to provide an on-slip at Stoke Road I/C as already mentioned in 8 above. It is also proposed to improve Clay Lane junction by constructing an off-slip and converting the emergency access next to the bridge into a southbound on-slip road.
  1.  Clay Lane I/C – currently there is a northbound on-slip and a southbound off-slip a little north of Clay Lane but there are no off-slip at this location. It is proposed to construct a new off-slip in conjunction with a roundabout on the west of the Clay Lane river bridge to provide a connecting road to the Slyfield Scheme. The lay-by could be part of this off-slip and the dead area of Stoke I/C after the modifications could be used for relocating this lay-by.. On the east, the existing emergency access could be converted to an on-slip. The changes are modest in terms of roadworks. The A3 would lose a lane at the Burpham/Merrow off-slip and gain one when the on-slip joins it south of Clay Lane Bridge. It is necessary to accommodate the left turn of the slip road still with a speed limit of say, 30 mph, and segregated by Trief kerbs from the A3 lanes until it is parallel with the A3 and speed is derestricted.

.13.  Westbound A25 (added 0n 15 Oct 2013) - Traffic from the A25, Stoke Road and Woodbridge Road wanting to join the A3 southbound and heading for the A322 uses this stretch. Traffic heading for the A322 from the A3 also has to use this stretch as there is no off-slip at Dennis Roundabout. It is proposed to construct a viaduct from the A3 to Dennis Roundabout and a new on-slip at A3 Stoke Road Interchange  to reduce congestion on this stretch of the A25. One possible alignment over the A25 is shown in the sketch but it may also be possible to route this along the A3 behind the Ladymead Business Park.

14.  A3 off-slip at the Stoke Road Interchange (added on 15 Oct 2013)- Traffic tails back on the A3 due to congestion on Ladymead, the A25. It is proposed to construct a tunnel starting within the Stoke Park and a viaduct carrying the westbound lanes of the A25 over the link to this tunnel. The tunnel would ease traffic flow and reduce queueing on the A3 and the off-slip road as well as avoiding the gyratory on its way to the A281. A sketch showing the proposal is also included in the main gyratory album.

(Added on 27 Oct 2013) The shortest tunnel previously suggested here runs from Bright Hill to Millbrook, a southbound only tunnel. It would reduce through traffic in the gyratory but traffic has to get to it after travelling through part of the road network in the town. It would be the cheapest option but other options described above could range from a two lane southbound or a two-way single bore or a twin bore tunnel like the Hindhead one.

Clay Lane
It is interesting your comments but you have failed to move away from the A3 problem caused by the Woking Road off Ramp rather than looking at associated problems in the area the London road is 95 - 100% capacity on many days - perhaps we could meet and discuss options under the umbrella of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum
Posted by Jim Allen on 15 September 2012
Thank you Jim Allen for your comments.
If Clay Lane Interchange is made all directional as per my proposal, traffic heading for the A3 southbound via London Road would be reduced since this traffic could join the A3 at Clay Lane. Similarly traffic that now has to exit at Dennis Interchange and use Ladymead & London Road for Burpham would exit at the new off-slip at Clay Lane, turn around at the roundabout and use Clay Lane for Burpham/Merrow.
I would love to meet up with Burpham Neighbourhood Forum but I shall be away from tomorrow until the 22nd of October. You can keep in touch with me via email- neogifamily@aol.com except during the next week when I would have intermittent internet access at Cafes only. We can certainly meet up when I return.
Bibhas Neogi
Posted by Bibhas Neogi on 15 September 2012
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