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Redesigned town centre routes for traffic & extensive cycle lanes that then could be created

The A281 traffic is put underground in a tunnel like structure leaving the surface road for buses, taxis, emergency vehicles and of course pedestrians and cyclists. Portsmouth Road traffic continues into a widened Walnut Tree Close (WTC) with four lanes of Park Street reduced to three and a wider west footway and a cycle lane are created. WTC is made a single lane northwards beyond the junction with Station View and Station View is extended northwards and connected to WTC beside Jewson's Yard to let southbound traffic access the railway Station and exit at the junction and then going either north or south. The footway beside the ramp down to the subway that goes under to YMCA is placed on a ramp and a footbridge that sails over the subway entrance and takes pedestrians to a staggered crossing and a cycle crossing of Farnham Road as well. The bus station could be relocated either in Bedford Road or Mary Road car park site. Bridge Street is made two-way for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles and an eastbound cycle lane is created. Friary Bridge is closed to all traffic. East-west traffic is put on a bridge over the railway and extended on a flyover thus connecting Guildford Park Road to Woodbridge Road. A one-way loop is created by the Police Station that connects the Flyover at Mary Road and then goes to Leas Road , both made two lanes going one-way. Please see other sketches for details of these layouts. As the website has grown over the years there are still ideas about other configurations that were worked out in the past but where they conflict, they should be disregarded. They have been kept for records of the development of the website. THUS A TRAFFIC FREE TOWN CENTRE IS CREATED BUT SAFE CYCLE ROUTES AND MUCH BETTER FLOW OF TRAFFIC IS ACHIEVED. To the best of my knowledge no other suggestion has offered to improve traffic flow this well and to provide safer pedestrian and cycle routes. 
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