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Revised junction with a round about & Friary Bridge for pedestrians only.jpg

Traffic exiting the Railway Station & wanting to go west to Farnham Road and traffic on Guildford Park Road forced to turn left only would use the round about at this junction. Bridge Street becomes two-way & Friary Bridge closed to Vehicular traffic

This is an added feature of the traffic alterations proposed by me. The tunnel for the A281, the railway bridge and flyover to take east-west traffic, renewed Farnham Road Bridge and the modified junction with Guildford Park Road instead of the mini round about would help traffic flow much better all around and yet create a pedestrian friendly town centre. Bridge Street would become two-way and Onslow Street surface routes -all would be restricted to emergency vehicles, buses, taxis and cycles. Provision of cycle lanes also are a much improved feature of my proposal. 


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