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Altered traffic movements replacing gyratory with the A281 put in a tunnel-like underpass (not shown here). Please see other sketcthes

Two-way traffic reintroduced to free up Millbrook that could be redesigned to open up the riverside. A bridge over the tracks and the road continued on a Flyover take away most of the east/west traffic. A bridge over river Wey takes one lane of northbound traffic to Woodbridge Road via Leas Road. A new one-way link is constructed to take traffic from Woodbridge Road to Mary Road and then the Flyover to Guildford Park Road. Walnut Tree Close (WTC) is made one-way from the junction of Station View up to the link over the new bridge over the river. Station View is extended through what is now the edge of Jewson's yard to meet up with the road off Yorkie's Footbridge and the road from WTC is connected with Station View. Thus a one-way loop to the railway Station is created that reduces traffic to one northbound lane in the narrow part of WTC. (updated on 21 Aug 2016 -please see separate sketches a few clicks on 'NEXT' for the A281 in 'tunnel' for Millbrook and Onslow Street stretch) 

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