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We are delighted to see one of our founder members, Jason Reynolds, lined up for a session at Victoria park on March 2014 - see details on our NEWS page.

It will give those attending a general picture of the Heritage Scene in Neath and the need for an art centre to display the town's art treasures which are currently locked away in storage.


On our Heritage News page you will see a photograph of the heritage group, with council officials, taken at the Mayor's parlour at Port Talbot Civic Centre on 29th April 2013.   The group were sorry not to include others who have been active within the group, including: Delyth Lewis and Cllr Janice Dudley.  The occasion was to say a big 'thank you' for the support received to date and to present the officials with copies of the Caewern House Memory DVD.

This DVD can be seen on our new VIDEO MEMORIES page - see bottom of menu.


We are very grateful to Keith Reed, the historian who lives at Waunceirch for his valuable contributions to this website following their publication on the Book Oggle website.   Keith has three degrees in history and has had his work published at several notable sources.  We look forward to more interesting items by Keith about Neath and its past.


Heritage Holiday Weekends in Neath

A vision for the future

(as reported on the Neath Ferret website)

We can exclusively report that a national holiday firm who specialise in coach holidays are to consider weekend breaks in Neath after a heritage centre is built as part of the town's regeneration scheme.

The interest developed after Interchoice saw the Heritage Scene website.

 Items on the itinerary will include visits to the Cefn Coed Collery Museum and the Aberdulais Falls under the care of the National Trust.

Neath as a tourist attraction will bring much business into the town.   Guests will stay at one of Neath hotels close to the town's Victorian indoor market.

The Heritage Scene holidays will largely depend on how NPT CBC respond to the idea and the building of the heritage centre as a focal point for residents and holiday visitors.

More details will appear on the Neath Guardian website.



The latest news is that we have sent an email to HRH Prince Charles to ask him to look at this weeksite.  It will take him a while to get around to it because of his current engagments.

One of the reasons for us writing to him is to draw his attention to Neath as it is documented as a Royal Village circa 900AD.

You can read all about it from the item listed in the menu.

What is on this website is just the tip of the iceberg - there is much more to follow.

This website has been created for two main reasons, for the residents of Neath to take a pride in their town, as it so easy to take things for granted and not realise the cherished buildings around them.   The other reason is to attract visitors to a town that  has so much to offer.

The council's vision of restoring Neath to its former glory began by around £2m (with a grant from the Lottery Heritage Fund) being spent on Victoria Gardens - the refurbishment was completed in 2011.

The rebuilding of the Gwyn Hall, following a fire in 2007, was completed in March 2012.

It is understood that it will take time (and money) to continue with the vision of making Neath a town that will attract visitors from all over the globe.

It is hoped that the photographs on this website will remind all concerned of the importance of preserving our heritage for future generations, and not make Neath a carbon copy of other towns that have no character - that can be left to new out of town developments.

We are delighted to add the contributions of historian, Keith Reed, who has three degrees in history.  We feel that the research done by Keith will help to make this website an acknowledged source for reference,

Cled Griffin & Jason Reynolds

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