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Children Of Pie (Or A 1980s TV Childhood)

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s was a unique experience not matched before or since. There was no internet and computer games were still in their infancy (Pong anyone?). Children liked cheesy pop not r'n'b rap with explicit lyrics and racy videos, and television occupied a valued place in our childhoods (more so I think than it does for children in the 00s and 10s). TV was in that strange middle ground, having moved on from the three channels of limited programming to become a four channel world of almost continuous programming from breakfast to late night, but had yet to become a the 24 hour multi-channel world of nowadays. The newly increased daytime schedules of 1980s BBC One and BBC Two offered more timeslots than ever before for childrens programming, and thus more programing was needed, but on almost zero budget, meaning the Beeb had to devise an array of very low budget childrens shows to be trotted out in rotation throughout the 80s and into the early 90s (before many were apparently junked in 1993). I aim to give a brief synopsis and detailed transmission guide for some of these series, with the aid of BBC Genome (which you can check out for yourself at
Here is a list of programs I have (or aim to soon have) a page about:
Alfonso Bonzo,
Billy Webb's Amazing World,
Chock-A-Block, index.asp?pageid=587280
Dizzy Heights,
Henry's Cat,
Jonny Briggs, index.asp?pageid=587035
Mop and Smiff/Mike, Mop and the Moke, index.asp?pageid=587034
Noah and Nelly in Skylark,
Pie In The Sky, index.asp?pageid=587033
Sick As A Parrot,
Simon And The Witch. index.asp?pageid=587279

Note: Despite my introduction to the contrary, some of these series may in fact be from earlier/later than the 80s, or may be of higher budget than I implied.

The legal bit: All episode guides and transmission histories have been traced using BBC Genome, itself compiled from the information published in Radio Times between 1923 and 2009. My selective use of data from this source, in the spirit of fair use, does not imply any ownership of or right to use copyright owned by the BBC or Radio Times, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Page Last Updated - 21/10/2014
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