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Mop And Smiff/Mike, Mop and The Moke

Mop and Smiff were a dog and cat who were friends, and were seen both as real animals, with fictionl and real-life owner Mike Amatt and in cartoon form, voiced by husband and wife actors Prunella Scales and Timothy West. This is one of the few series I'll cover that I don't have a memory of myself, but basically as far as I can gather they visited somewhere or saw something with Mike whilst in live form, then we found out their real thoughts on it, or saw there subsequent dreams about it via the cartoons segments. There was also a summer spin-off (Mike, Mop and The Moke) in which Mike and Mop (the dog) ditched Smiff (the cat), and went on the road in a car (the titular Moke) to a beach. The main series appears to have debuted as a series of 10 editions shown in Spring 1985. The spin-off series then ran for 7 episodes in the Summer of 1985 before the first repeat run of the main series of ten aired in winter 1985. The first repeat run then ended by showing three more editions that appear not have been televised before that stage, for a grand total of 13 main episodes and 7 spin-off episodes. There were then a further 6 repeat runs of Mop and Smiff (four full and two partial) between 1986 and 1988. Mike, Mop and The Moke saw just one repeat run in summer 1986.

Update: I have discovered that BBC programme details can be found on the GettyImages website, including a unique code number (I assume identifying the tape or film) for each episode. From these code numbers it looks very much like there were in fact two series of Mop And Smiff, a seven episode first series and a six episode second series. It therefore looks like the first series and the first three episodes of the second series were broadcast originally in one continuous run, and that the repeat run then broadcast both series in full, including the premiere of the last three episodes of the second series.

Mop and Smiff/Mike Mop and The Moke – Episode Guides/Transmission Histories

Mop and Smiff, Original Series Run (10 Episodes) – BBC1 – Thursdays – Spring/Summer 1985
Mop is a shaggy-haired sheep dog, Smiff a bright-eyed tabby cat. They live in the village on the hill, where daydreams are free and wishes come true.
MS01. 1985/04/04 15:55 The Hang Glider - Mop wishes a friend would 'drop in', and Smiff goes chasing butterflies.
MS02. 1985/04/11 15:55 The Circus - Mop - sees the Big Top Travelling Show, and dreams of stardom.

MS03. 1985/04/18 15:55 The Seaside - Mop takes a boat trip, and Smiff wishes she had kittens
MS04. 1985/04/25 15:55 The Balloon - Mop flies a kite, and Smiff takes an unexpected dip.
MS05. 1985/05/02 15:55 The Special Day - Mop watches a wedding, and Smiff dreams up a surprise.
MS06. 1985/05/09 15:55 The Camp - Mop plays hide and seek, and Smiff learns to be a guide.
MS07. 1985/05/16 15:55 The Carnival - Mop becomes a prince, and Smiff meets the Queen.
MS08. 1985/05/23 15:55 The Treasure - Mop turns detective, and leads Smiff on a false scent.
MS09. 1985/05/30 15:55 The Canal - Mop takes charge of Ned the horse, and Smiff goes along for the ride.
MS10. 1985/06/06 15:55 The School - Mop catches the Busybus, and Smiff shows him how to sit still.

Mike, Mop and The Moke, Original Run (7 Episodes) – BBC1 – Mondays – Summer/Autumn 1985
Songs, jokes and stories at the seaside with Mike Amatt and his shaggy Old English sheepdog.
MM01. 1985/07/22 16:20 Camping Out - Mop joins the children of Monkseaton Village First School in a treasure hunt, and Mike tells how Scroggins was taken down a peg or two. [This episode is also known as ‘The Camp’]
MM02. 1985/07/29 16:20 The Fair - Mike turns a handful of seashells into a moonmonster, Mop wears a funny hat, and the children decide that the dodgems are their favourite fairground ride. [This episode is also known as ‘The Funfair’]
MM03. 1985/08/05 16:20 The Lighthouse - Mop is 'amazed' by the children of Monkseaton West First School andMike sings about Hamish McBeamish , the lighthouse keeper who married a mermaid.
MM04. 1985/08/12 16:20 The Promenade - Mike tells the story of Blackhearted Walter and his flea-bitten parrot, and Mop joins in a game of beach bagatelle with the children of Friarage County Primary School.
MM05. 1985/08/19 16:20 The Cliffs - Mop learns a new beach game from the children of Cheviot Junior School and Mike sings about Gilbert, the one-in-a-Willion guillemot.
MM06. 1985/09/02 16:20 Rockpools -  Mike tells the story of the Rockpool pop show and shows the children of Cullercoats Primary School how to paint rocks. Mop sees the launch of the Ark Royal and joins in a tide fight.
MM07. 1985/09/09 15:55 The Beach: Mike tells the story of Deckchair Charlie and the children of Wheatcroft County Primary School invite Mop to play non-stop cricket.

Mop and Smiff, First Repeat Run (ALL 10 from Series) – BBC1 – Wednesdays – Autumn/Winter 1985
MS02. 1985/10/02 13:45, MS04. 1985/10/09 13:45, MS06 1985/10/16 13:45, MS07 1985/10/23 13:45, MS05 1985/10/30 13:45, MS01 1985/11/06 13:45, MS08 1985/11/13 13:45, MS03 1985/11/20 13:45, MS10 1985/11/27 13:45, MS09 1985/12/04 13:45.

Mop and Smiff, Additional Mini-Run (2 Episodes) – BBC1 – Wednesdays – Winter 1985
MS11. 1985/12/04 13:45. The Leaves - Mop takes a walk in the woods and Smiff has a sticky problem.
MS12. 1985/12/11 13:45. The Market
MS13. 1986/01/01 09:05 The Snow

NB. The first repeat run of episodes MS01-MS10 and the apparent premier of episodes MS11, MS12 and MS13 [which may have been either newly made episodes (to increase the total number to 13, in line with a lot of other Children’s BBC/See-Saw series perhaps?), or previously made editions that were held back from the original run], happened in one more or less continuous run.

Mop and Smiff, Second Repeat Run (6/10 Selected Series Episodes) – BBC1 – Tuesdays – Spring 1986
MS02 1986/04/08 13:45, MS04 1986/04/15 13:45, MS03 1986/04/22 13:45, MS07 1986/04/29 13:45, MS05 1986/05/06 13:45, MS01 1986/05/13 13:45.

Mike, Mop and The Moke, First Repeat Run (ALL) – BBC1 – Fridays – Summer 1986
MM04 1986/05/02 16:00, MM03 1986/05/09 16:00, MM01 1986/05/16 15:55, MM02 1986/05/23 16:00, MM06 1986/05/30 16:00, MM07 1986/06/06 16:00, MM05 1986/06/13 16:00.

Mop and Smiff, Third Repeat Run (9/13 Selected Episodes) – BBC1 – Thursdays – Summer 1986
MS01, MS02 and MS13 were apparently skipped for this repeat run? MS03 1986/08/14 13:30, MS04 1986/08/21 13:25, MS05 1986/08/28 13:30, MS06 1986/09/04 13:30, MS07 1986/09/11 13:30, MS08 1986/09/18 13:30, MS09 1986/09/25, MS10 1986/10/02 13:30, MS11 1986/10/09 13:30, MS12? This episode was also skipped in this repeat run?

Mop and Smiff, Fourth Repeat Run (ALL) – BBC1 – Fridays – Winter/Spring 1987
MS13 1987/02/20 13:50, MS12 1987/02/27 13:50, MS01 1987/03/06 13:50, MS02 1987/03/13 13:50, MS04 1987/03/20 13:50, MS05 1987/03/27 13:50, MS06 1987/04/03 13:50, MS11 1987/04/10 13:50, MS10 1987/04/17 13:50, MS09 1987/04/24 13:50, MS08 1987/05/01 13:50, MS07 1987/05/08 13:50, MS03 1987/05/15 13:50.

Mop and Smiff, Fifth Repeat Run (ALL) – BBC2 – Tuesdays – Winter/Spring 1988
MS13 1988/01/05 13:20, MS12 1988/01/12 13:20, MS11 1988/01/19 13:20, MS10 1988/01/26 13:20, MS09 1988/02/02 13:20, MS08 1988/02/09 13:20, MS07 1988/02/16 13:20, MS06 1988/02/23 13:20, MS02 1988/03/01 13:20, MS01 1988/03/08 13:20, MS05 1988/03/15 13:20, MS04 1988/03/22 13:20, MS03 1988/03/29 13:20.

Mop and Smiff, Sixth Repeat Run (ALL) – BBC2 – Fridays – Summer/Autumn 1988
MS01 1988/08/05 13:20, MS02? 1988/08/12 13:20, MS03 1988/08/19 13:20, MS04? 1988/08/26 13:20, MS05? 1988/09/02 13:20, MS06 1988/09/09 13:20, MS07 1988/09/16 13:20, MS08 1988/09/23 13:25, MS09 1988/09/30 13:25, MS10 1988/10/07 13:25, MS11 1988/10/14 13:25, MS12? 1988/10/21 13:25, MS13 1988/10/28 13:25.


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