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Welcome to Webby's Wonderful World

My name's Webby and this site showcases some of the wonderful things that make up my world (see how I incorporated that into the title lol).

I've put pages on for some of my hobbies and interests and some of the projects I've been working on in the past and present. This includes some genealogical stuff (starting with the story of my direct maternal great-grandmother's family, the Backhouses), some stuff about the music charts, some about animated feature films and, in future updates, anything else that happens to interest me.

I hope you find something on here to interest you too, or something you never knew before, or something you can use for a pub quiz or to test your work colleagues general knowledge. Apologies though if you look up from reading this site to find that several hours have gone by and you've missed Corrie!

Whichever pages you like or however you find my site, enjoy!! And if you have more, or different, information to add to one of my pages or any comments to leave please please please don't forget to sign my guestbook or, if you'd prefer to write to me privately, then email me at If you let me know which pages you enjoy, or would like to see more of, I can make this site even better.

Page Last Updated - 31/01/2014
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