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Disney Classics Videos - A catalogue

Known versions of the Disney Classics on VHS in the UK.
This list details the 51 fully animated classics plus a few others, and which generation-types(and years) were available. SE is Special Edition. WS is Widescreen.

01. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: 3b(94), 5(01-Oct-2001), 5SE(01)
02. Pinnochio: 1(85), 3b(95), 4?(19-Jun-2000), 5SE(03-Mar-2003)
03. Fantasia: [Only VHS release was in 1991 as a Masterpiece, and at a later date in two tape deluxe collector’s edition]
04. Dumbo: 2b(87), 3a(89), 3b(93), 4(19-Mar-1996), 4(00), 5(05)
05. Bambi: 3(94),?5(14-Feb-2005), 5SE(05)
06. Saludos Amigos: 4(03-Jul-2000)
07. The Three Cabelleros: 2b(88), 3b(93), 4(03-Jul-2000)
08. Make Mine Music: 4(03-Jul-2000)
09. Fun And Fancy Free: 4?(24-Nov-1997), 4(00)
10. Melody Time: 4(03-Jul-2000), 5(0?)
11. The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr Toad: ?1or2?, 4(03-Jul-2000)
12. Cinderella: 3(92), 4(24-Nov-97), 5(01), ?5(24-Oct-2005) 5SE(05)
13. Alice In Wonderland: 2b(88), 3a(89), 3b(93/4), 4(9?), 5(11-Apr-2005)
14. Peter Pan: 3b(93), 4(98), 5(25-Jun-2001)
15. Lady And The Tramp: 3a(89), 4(17-Aug-1998), 4WS(17-Aug-1998)
16. Sleeping Beauty: 2b(88), 3b(96), 4(22-May-2000), 5(0?)
17. 101 Dalmatians: 3b(03-Sep-1996)
18. Sword In The Stone: 2a(87), 2b(88), 3b(92), 3b(95), 4(18-Aug-1997), ?3b (00?), 5(0?)
19. The Jungle Book: 3b(93), 4(21-Feb-2000)
20. The Aristocats: 3a(95), 5(27-Mar-2000)
21. Robin Hood: 1(85), ?2a(86/7o)?, 2b(88), 3b(92), 3b(93), 3b or 4(18-Aug-1997), 5(0?)
22. The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh: 4(18-Mar-1997), 4(00)
23. The Rescuers: 2a(87), 3a(91/2), 4(13-May-1997), 5(0?)
24. The Fox And The Hound: 3b(95), 4(27-Mar-2000)
25. The Black Cauldron: 4(26-Sep-1997), 5(0?)
26. Basil, The Great Mouse Detective: 3b(92), 3b(23-May-1995)
27. Oliver and Company: 4(15-Sep-1997), 5(0?)
28. The Little Mermaid: 3b(90), 4(23-Nov-1998)
29. The Rescuers Down Under: 3b(92), 4(13-May-97)
30. Beauty And The Beast: 3b(93), 5SE(02-Nov-2002), 5(04-Nov-2002)
31. Aladdin: 3b(94), 5(04-Oct-2004), 5SE(04)
32. The Lion King: 3b(19-Sep-1995), 3bWS(13-May-1996), 5SE(31-Oct-2003)
33. Pocahontas: 3b(96), 5(01-Sep-00), 5(07-Mar-2005), 5SE(O5)
34. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: 4(25-Feb-1997), 4WS(?97), 5(22-May-2000)
35. Hercules: 4(27-Apr-1998), 4WS(?98), 5(0?)
36. Mulan: 4(05-Nov-1999), 5(15 Nov 2004), 5SE(?04)
37. Tarzan: 4(04-Sep-2000)
38. Fantasia 2000: 4(27-Nov-2000)
xx. Dinosaur [Vhs released on 26-Mar-2001 but was not branded a classic]
39. The Emperor's New Groove: 5(05-Nov-2001)
40. Atlantis:The Lost Empire: 5(04-Mar-2002)
41. Lilo & Stitch: 5(17-Mar-2003)
42. Treasure Planet: 5(07-Jul-2003)
43. Brother Bear: 5(10-May-2004)
44. Home On The Range: 5(29-Nov-2004)
These later releases were on DVD only
45. Chicken Little (22-May-2006)
46. The Wild (18-Sep-2006)
47. Meet The Robinsons (10-Sep-2007)
48. Bolt (15-Jun-2009) [Originally no Classic branding on the DVD but listed by Disney as a classic online and on promotion leaflets in DVDs]
49. The Princess And The Frog (21-Jun-2010)
50. Tangled (23-May-2011)
51?. Winnie The Pooh (22-Aug-2011) [No actual classic branding on the DVD, but the blurb on the case refers to the film as a new classic. May not in fact be a classic afterall, see below]
52?. Wreck-It Ralph [03-Jun-2013, spine says Classic No. 51 even though Winnie The Pooh before it was meant to be a classic, and Tangled was definitely no. 50. Is Winnie now not a classic or has Dinosaur been once again dropped from the list? Dinosaur hasn't been branded a classic on UK VHS/DVD and only joined the list when The Wild was removed, so perhaps it's been dropped again for consistency?)
53?. Frozen (due in UK cinemas in late 2013 and based on The Snow Queen)
On the official Disney list they now have Dinosaur at number 39, the rest move down one until Chicken Little at 46. The Wild should not have been branded as a Disney
Classic as it was animated by the canadian C.O.R.E. studios. Dinosaur has never been branded as a Classic on UK VHS or DVD.
In addition the following have all had Classics branding at one time or another: So Dear To My Heart, Song Of The South, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks,
Pete's Dragon and The Jungle Book 2. The middle four where on the official list during the early 90s as far as I can recall, but alas the leaflets from inside my original
tapes from that era have been lost so I can't confirm that.

I have added many of the release dates by using as a source, though it isn't entirely reliable. I would love to hear from anyone who knows of a more reliable source of information about Disney Home Video releases in the UK.

Page Last Updated - 14/06/2013
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