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The Line Of Succession to the thrones of England and the UK through time

I have been working for a while now on tracing the first ten in line to the thrones of the UK and of pre-union England through time and am now publishing my work here. In my first document I trace the the first ten in line of succession to the UK throne from the passing of the Act Of Settlement 1701 during the tail end of the reign of King William III, right up to the most recent change, being the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge, who went in at number 3 and pushed his aunt, HRH The Princess Royal out of the first ten for the first time in her life. I then move backwards with a second document covering the entire period from Henry VII's succession to the throne by conquest in 1485 until the point in 1701 when the Act of Settlement came in to force due to the death of the future Queen Anne's last surviving child, leaving just only her in the line of succession after William III. In the future I hope to compile two more parallel documents, one for the clarence/yorkist claim and one for the lancastrian claim, covering the period from Richard II's deposition in 1399 until Richard III's death in battle, and Henry VII's succession by conquest, in 1485. I may then continue backwards with further documents covering the earlier Plantagenets and the Normans, however the futher back I trace the less reliable and more inexact the available genealogical and chronological information is, so there may come a point where I feel that the project needs to come to a close before true completion has occured. In addition a teething problem has also arisen, in that transferring my work from it's original word document into the text editor for this website has caused the formatting to go a little awry, chiefly the loss of all numbering from the lists, and of all underlining, emboldening and italicising, as well as some hiccups with spacing etc, so apologies if the page layout is not great intially, I will work through the pages restoring proper formatting as and when I have time, but have elected to upload the pages 'as is' for now.

For the Hannoverian, Saxe-Coburgian and Windsor lines of succession from 1701-present click here:

For the Tudor and Stuart lines of succession from 1485-1701 click here:

Please respect my copyright and the amount of work and time involved in compiling this, by not reproducing this work on your own website, though you may link to my pages if you state that the link is to my work. Of course any corrections or comments can be emailed to me at or left in my guestbook.

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