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Wrong Louise?
Hello there,

Great stuff on your site and I love the pages talking about the members of the Royal Family and their place in the line of succession. Under George V I think you have the wrong Louise. After George V and Mary's children, the next in line would be his sister Louise, the Duchess of Fife, not his aunt Louise, the Duchess of Argyll. The children listed after Louise are the correct daughters of the Duchess of Fife.
Posted by Joseph on 17 December 2017
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like the site. You're right that I had mistakenly identified the Louise who was in the first ten in line to the throne during George V's reign as being George's aunt when she was in fact his sister. Quite an embarassing mistake considering I think of myself as an experienced genealogist. Though I did have the correct given names and birth year, so it was just the genealogical relationship between them that I managed to miscalcuate. Thank you for bringing it my attention. The page should be fully corrected now.
Posted by Webby on 19 December 2017
Blue Peter
Thanks for your very interesting site on Blue Peter,
yes its such a shame that no footage was kept by the BBC of Leila Williams presenting Blue Peter or Anita West time on the programme. Even Valerie Singleton's first appearances although recorded were junked, and all that is left is audition tape of Anita and Valerie
plus two other auditionees joining Chris Trace in their quest to find a replacement for Leila. Anita's 16 appearances on Blue Peter before she left were in fact recorded but subsequently junked. They did indeed record 3 editions of Chris and Leila in the original Blue Peter the very first in 1959 and Leila's last 2 Blue Peter's which weren't done live but shown as recordings before she was fired by the then new producer Clive Parkhurst.
As you say all that is left is a few seconds showing the original Blue Peter titles and a sound recording of Chris and Leila saying hello which I saw during the special documentary for the 40th Birthday. There a rare off air photograph of Anita presenting the programme, and I have managed to find I think a very rare off screen photo of Leila presenting in January 1960.
Posted by Stephen on 25 June 2013
Thanks for your kind words and the info. I wish I had seen the 40th birthday night documentary and other programmes and links, but I was still a school kid living at home and my dad wouldn't let me watch it and then stopped my attempted video recording, somewhat ironically, after just a few seconds, so I only ever saw a small part of the opening sequence for the whole night :( . I live in hope that the programmes will find their way onto youtube at some point.
Posted by Webby on 26 June 2013
Disney Video's
Hello there, I have a lot of video from disney in the 90s+ that were purchased for me as a child they are all in mint condition from what i can remember and if you would be intrested in purchsing them please drop me an email.

I do apologise if there is a message feature on this but I cannot seem to find it.
Posted by Adam on 08 June 2011
Hi Adam, thank you for your message and your offer to sell me videos. I'm not necessarily interested in buying/selling videos online, the page about them is meant as more of an academic study of the different editions of each classic available over the years rather than a list of what I want to buy. But having said that I'd be interested in exactly what you have got and may possibly wish to buy one or more if they are something different to what I've already got. I'd also be interested to know if you have the original literature with each tape as I'm trying to date each edition of each classic and each version of the master tape, especially those from the eighties and very early nineties (ie before they started putting a date stamp on the first few dozen cells of the tapes).
Posted by Webby on 12 June 2011
Very good site.Really well done
Posted by Stef on 14 February 2011
Thanks hun x
Posted by Webby on 14 February 2011
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