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Are they still with us?

Have you ever found yourself thinking about famous people from the past and wondering if they are still with us, or if they have sadly passed. You can always ask Google (other search engines are available), and such sites as wikipedia and BBC news, but often search results implying or stating the person's death are hard to verify, or else you will find some sources saying the person is still with us, whilst others state they have passed at some stage (sometimes the descepancy can be with when and how they passed). In a world of cruel rumours and fake news, who to believe?

Another problem is that you may in fact be wondering about a whole category of people. E.g. What fifties charttoppers are still with us? Or What UK Prime Ministers are still with us? And it can be time consuming to first compile a list of who falls in the initial category, then search for each one in the list to find out if they are still with us or not. So I thought what if there was a place that held lists of various categories, such as the two above, and added death details for those who have been verified as having died, with references (online where possible), so that we can see at a glance who in that category has passed away, and who is believed to still be with us. This then is the porject I intend to begin on this page. I phrased it just above as 'believed to be still with us' because it is far easier to prove the death of a deceased person, using a relevant reference, than it is to prove the continued life of a llving person, but nonetheless I will try to differentiate between those who have current/recent work or appearances that do prove continued life, and those who seem not to have been seen or referenced publically in a long enough time that they could have passed without anyone noticing. When I have compiled some lists I will place links to the relevant pages below, and endeavour to then keep them up-to-date with any future relevant deaths etc. 

Page Last Updated - 13/05/2019
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