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What's occupying the News Media just now?

2016 July 19: TRIDENT nuclear weapons system.

Have you changed your position on Trident?

No, still hanging on in there.

Theresa May UK Prime Minister

May is a member of the Church of England and regularly worships at church on Sunday. May was raised by her father, the Revd Hubert Brasier, and has said that her Christian faith "... is part of me. It is part of who I am and therefore how I approach things".

The above is from the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia.

Mrs May is quoted as saying during the Parliamentary debate on Trident (July 18 2016) that she would be quite prepared to press the nuclear button thus unleashing the nuclear warheads to a destructive destiny somewhere on planet Earth.

Conclusions. God for Mrs May is the nuclear “bomb” and Jesus Christ is the son of a bomb.


2016 July 06: Chilcot Enquiry

There was no need for this expensive, drawn-out enquiry in order to prove the incompetence of the UK Parliament in sanctioning the Iraq invasion.

1          So-called deterrence is, or was, based on the assumption that you do not go to war against those possessing nuclear weapons (WMDs).  

But the justification for the Iraq conflict was the argument that that country did in fact posses WMDs that according to Mr Blair could be activated within 45 minutes!

2          Then, it was maintained, post-invasion, that the difficulty of locating WMDs in Iraq was because that country had a land area twice that of France. This assertion was made widely both in Parliament itself and in the media at large.

Iraq has in FACT a land area smaller than France by a factor of 7:8.

Nobody either within Parliament or the media challenged this false declaration

Conclusion. Wholesale ignorance and incompetence!


2016 July 01.

The Two-minute Silence

This morning, July-the-first,
one-hundred years on,
they talk of commemorating 
the battle of the Somme—
two-minutes silence, no less.

And sure enough
the airwaves fall quiet
for that period of time,
followed, here in Britain,
by the chimes of Big Ben.

Outside, the birds sing on,
insects buzz, sheep and cattle
commune in their usual fashion,
the wind strokes the foliage,
waves lap the seashore,
clouds roll across the sky. 

And so back to the present, where
the world, saturated with bombs
and weapons of mass destruction,
carries on as before—armed conflicts
making of the planet a burial ground,
that by comparison dwarfs the Somme.

2014 March 15.


The Age of Decadence - Aviation Riot.


The recent unexplained disappearance of a Malaysian civil aircraft has thrown into sharp focus the subject of air travel and its consequences for the environment (though few appear to wish to take the latter aspect of our transiting activities seriously enough to kick the habit).



So, we think we care for the envirnoment?!

(Left click to enlarge image.)




2014 March 11: Ana Botín collected a pay and perks package worth more than £4m in her first full year in charge of Santander UK, part of the Spanish banking group built up by her father Emilio.


Asked about all this, she replied in her opinion she was worth every £. Another modest grabber. Its not so much what we consider ourselves to be worth (how the hell do you work that one out anyway?) but what the system can withstand without drowning the less fortunate of us – the vast majority of the world’s starving individuals.


Never mind, Ana dear, you’ll have no bother getting through that broad gate when the time comes.



Mr Grabs/Ms* Grabs


Mr Grabs, sells himself for gold,

works with the cliché “pay peanuts,

get monkeys.”


Mr Grabs, no monkey himself,

trots out the formula “want the best?

then pay the most.”


Mr Grabs, not interested in narrow gauge,

goes along with the argument

“if we don’t, then somebody else

most certainly will.”


Mr Grabs sees himself as part of the real world,

the world that he and his type have constructed

a world of “the more you have

the more you’ll need.”


Mr Grabs, when his time is up,

will leave by the broad gate

no needle’s eye for him,

he’s only needled

when it’s suggested he might be

just a little bit greedy.


Mr Grabs, as you see,

is not such a rarity after all,

given half the chance

(and he reckons on this)

we’d all be Mr Grabs

so where’s the shame?


* substitute as appropriate.



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