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Hello John
We met one day in August 2007 on the ferry from Tingwall to Rousay - an elderly gentleman who said his wife had just died and he was visiting his son, Jonathan, who lived near Kirkwall and worked at Jewsons. We talked of astronomy. Via my son you sent me a package with some cards and two booklets - one on the lunar eclipse in March and one with a Rousay calendar.
Today in sorting through my desk I came across that package and thought to see if you had a web site - clearly you do.
I emigrated to New Zealand, to live near my daughter, in Nov 2008. When we met I said how bright the Milky Way was out here, it still is. We have been treated to seeing, in the East, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury just before dawn this week. I'm usually up then.
A local school as an excellent little observatory and I have been on a course there. My elder son lives in New Plymouth and took me to the observatory there.
I remember well my trip round Rounsay. Do you still permanently live there ?
Best Wishes
Richard Heal
Posted by Richard Heal on 23 May 2011
Good to have this from you, Richard.

In addition to the Spring Ast LIX site I manage one of my own entitled non est, nisi est, the NORTHERN SKIES astronomical site as well as the SKY NOTES for The Orcadian. Perhaps you would leave another message with your e-mail address (this I shall not publish on any of the sites of course.)

Very grateful thanks,


(John (C) Vetterlein)
Posted by John (C) Vetterlein on 23 May 2011
Found your website!!
I see what you mean about being a Polymath, John!
Posted by Stella Hender on 04 July 2010
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