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1997 - 2008






















·          First successful cloning of a sheep, Scotland

·          In referendum, Scots vote for Parliament and Welsh for an assembly

·          Princess Diana killed in car crash, Paris

·          Hong Kong returned to China by UK

·          US robot, controlled from earth, explores surface of Mars

·          Kyoto Protocol Convention on Climate Change


157 years old



·          Government bans use of landmines by British military

·          Human Rights Act receives Royal Assent

·          Enoch Powell dies

·          E-mail becomes popular - explosive growth of Internet

·          President Clinton impeached

·          Frank Sinatra dies


158 years old



·          Britain decides not to join the European Single Currency

·          Earthquake, Turkey, 15,000 killed


159 years old



·          Millenium celebrations, Queen opens the Dome

·          Protests against high fuel charges

·          Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 100 years old

·          DNA sequencing of human genome roughly completed

·          International Space Station opened

·          Russian submarine Kursk sinks, 118 die


160 years old



·          Foot and mouth disease wreaks havoc

·          2001 census, 4. million of population were born abroad, most living in London and South East

·          Mary Whitehouse, TV Campaigner, dies

·          Selby rail crash kills 10 people

·          Mad Cow disease spreads in Britain and Europe

·          US National Academy of Science reports global temperatures will rise 2.5 - 10 degrees by end of century

·          President Bush rejects Kyoto treaty to reduce CO2 emissions

·          September 11th terrorist attack, Trade Centre, New York


161 years old



·          Survey estimates the number of CCTV cameras in UK to be 4 million, one camera for every 14 people

·          Princess Margaret dies, age 71years

·          Queen Mother dies

·          Spike Milligan, John Thaw, Dudley Moore, LonnieDonnegan, John Entwistle all die this year

·          Euro becomes legal tender in Europe

·          Suicide bombings in Israel

·          Larsen B ice shelf in Antartica collapses


162 years old



·          Britain joins US in invasion of Iraq without United Nations sanction

·          Concorde last commercial flight, landing at Heathrow


·          World  Wide Protests against War in Iraq

·          Heatwave scorches Europe, over 35,000 die

·          Earthquake, Iran, over 30,000 killed


163 years old



·          World Health Organisation report: United Kingdom Life expectancy, males 69 years, females 72 years

·          Charities report people donating £1 million per hour to help tsunami victims

·          Visits to museums have increased 75% since admission changes abolished

·          Abdul Khan  of Pakistans admits selling nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea

·          European Union expands to 25 nations

·          Tsunami disaster, Indian Ocean, over 150,000 killed


164 years old

·          Church closed for worship, deemed unsafe


·          Terrorists kill 52 people in London subway bombings

·          Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles

·          IRA issues statement ordering an end to the armed camapaign against the British

·          Pope John Paul  II replaced by Cardinal        Joseph Ratzinger of Germany as Pope Benedict XVI

·          US Congress reports that global terrorist attacks rose to 650 in 2004 from 175 in 2003

·          Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans


165 years old



·          UK watchdog CameraWatch claims that majority of CCTV cameras in use in the UK are operated illegally or are in breach of privacy guidelines

·          Britain’s oldest mother, 63 years

·          Which Magazine report concludes hybrid cars not as eco-friendly as they should be

·          Drought in Australia reaches 7th year

·          A 104 year old woman in Malaysia marries for the 21st time, to a  33 year old who had been her lodger

·          Statistic - nearly two thirds of Americans unable to locate Iraq on a map of the world, New York Times


166 years old



·          Population (est) just under 61 million

·          Joseph Rowntree foundation report, gap between rich and poor at its widest for 40 years

·          200,000 families in London living in crowded conditions

·          A clay tablet from 595BC, held in British Museum since 1920 provides rare evidence that the Old Testament is based on historical fact

·          Evidence of water found in the constellation Vulpecula, 80 trillion miles from earth

·          Iraq war will cost US $135 billion this year

·          French high speed train sets new record at 357 mph

·          Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that human caused change is unequivocal


167 years old

·          Rev. Dave George appointed Priest in Charge

·          Church Commission commence consultations regarding the future of the church, possible redundancy, letters to local councillors to guage public opinion

·          Councillor Shaukat Ali appeals for opinions in Dudley News

·          Ten year old Kates Hill resident Dwayne Morgan starts a petition - other people write extra pages -gains 795 signatures in less than 2 weeks

·          Petition handed to Councillor Ali for onward transmission to Church Commissioners

·          Formation of St John’s Church Preservation Group





168 years old



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