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1917 - 1926






















·          Sexual revolution as women work in munitions factories, shops, offices, voluntary services, hospitals and transport.

·          All German titles and names are renounced by the royal family, who adopt the name Windsor


·          United States declares war on Germany

·          Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin seize power in Russia

·          Germans use shells loaded with mustard gas


77 years old



·          Food rationing introduced

·          Women over 30 get vote in Britain

·          Formation of the Royal Air Force

·          National Debt £7,000 million

·          Spanish Influenza pandemic kills 21,640,000 people, Asia, Europe and North America

·          First three colour electric traffic light, New York, USA

·          Tsar Nicholas and all Russian royal family murdered

·          Germany signs Armistice - WW1 ends


78 years old



·          Lady Astor first woman MP

·          Battle of George Square, army called in to riots against high rents in Glasgow

·          P.G. Wodehouse, My Man Jeeves

·          Rebellion in Ireland led by Irish Nationalist movement Sinn Fein

·          Frank Winfield Woolworth dies, founder of Woolworths


79 years old



·                      British Legion founded

·                      Women at Oxford are allowed to receive degrees

·                      Women’s new found social and economic independence reflected in fashions and a degree of permissiveness in social behaviour - ‘The Gay Twenties’

·          First hairdryers, USA

·          Prohibition, USA

·          Women receive the vote, USA

·          Joan of Arc canonised (made a saint)


80 years old

·          Lych Gate erected, as a Parish Memorial to the men who lost their lives in the 1914-18 war


·          Economic slump.Two million unemployed.

·          Income taxes rise affecting the middle and upper classes

·          Trade Union memberships reach over 8 million

·          Brigadier General William Mitchell sinks a former Geman battleship using air power to prove his contention that a strategic air force is more useful than a large navy


81 years old



·          Readers Digest founded

·          Public have to accept reduced wages

·          TV Licence fee, ten shillings

·          First car radio, USA

·          Tomb of Tutankhamen discovered, Egypt

·          Germany recognises the Soviet Union


82 years old



·          First outside broadcast, BBC

·          Wedding Prince Albert to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

·          Wembley Stadium opened

·          Adolf Hitler attempts a coup in Munich but fails

·          Time magazine starts, USA

·          Electric razor patented, USA


83 years old

·          Church organist since 1890 Mr A. Clifford-Duesbury replaced and Mr A.W. Hartland takes over (until 1945)


·          Ramsay MacDonald forms first Labour Government

·          GMT, hourly signals from Royal Greenwich Observatory broadcast for the first time

·          First deep freezing of fruit and veg, USA

·          First crossword in the UK - in the Sunday Express

·          Ford Motor Company produce their 10 millionth car


84 years old

·          Rev David Henry Stanley replaces Rev Powell (serves until 1925)


·          First double decker buses

·          First shortwave transmissions

·          Margaret Thatcher, Peter Sellers, George Cole, born

·          Chrysler Corporation founded

·          Official name of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes changed to Yugoslavia


85 years old

·          Rev Bertram Henry Green replaces Rev Stanley (serves until 1941)


·          John Logie Baird demonstrates television in London

·          A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

·          Invention of 4 wheel drive, France and Germany


86 years old

·          Peal of 8 tubular bells, dedicated May 30th, to replace the peal of ten bells. Previous peal of ten bells presented to the church by the sons of Edward Truelove Terry as a memorial to their father, died 1887.

·          Mr Terry was churchwarden for nine years and a great benefactor to the church, remembered by Terry Street.   


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