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1867 - 1876






















·          Royal Albert Hall, London

·          First publication of an article by Joseph Lister outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery

·          First attempts at making instant coffee, USA

·          British North America Act unites Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in a Dominion of Canada, capital Ottawa

·          Dynamite invented, Swedish, Alfred Noble


27 years old



·          First traffic lights (gas), London

·          First regular Trade Unions Congress held, Manchester

·          Last public hanging, Fenian bomber Michael Barratt

·          Abergele train disater kills 32 passengers and a fireman

·          Christopher Sholes patents a typewriter - he devises the Qwerty keyboard still in use today, USA

·          Skeleton of Cro-Magnon man (first hom-sapiens in Europe) found, France


28 years old

·          First record of a church organist, Mr Nicholls


·          Sport of Polo imported to Britain from Bengal

·          R.D. Blackmore, Lorna Doone

·          First residential college for women, Girton College

·          First hydro-electric power, French, using water power to create electricity


29 years old



·          Population now 30% on the land, 70% in cities

·          Elementary Education Act passed giving free education to every child five to thirteen years

·          Ceramic toilet bowls, replacing metal

·          Charles Dickens dies

·          Vatican Council votes that the Pope is infallible on matters of doctrine from his throne

·          German seige of Paris, second empire collapses

·          Jules Verne-Vingt mille lieues sous le mers (Twenty Thousand Leagues under The Sea)


30 years old



·          Trade Unions legalised in Britain

·          Arthur Sullivan, S.B. Gould write ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’

·          Journalist H. Stanley finds explorer David Livingstone in Africa

·          Chewing gum goes on sale, USA

·          Charles Russell founds the Jehovahs Witnesses, USA

·          United German Empire announced ‘The Second Reich’


31 years old



·          Introduction of secret voting in elections

·          Meteorite strikes earth near Banbury

·          First international football match, Scotland

·          Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

·          First railway in Japan - Tokyo to Yokohama

·          Brigantine Mary Celeste found drifting - no-one knows what happened to the crew

·          Jehovah’s Witnesses founded, USA


32 years old

·          1872-1873 extensive scheme of enlargement and improvement to the church

·          Cost about £2000 - nor record discovered of what work was done


·          Natural History Museum completed, London

·          David Livingstone, explorer, dies

·          Alexandra Palace destroyed by fire a fortnight after opening

·          Napoleon III dies, in England

·          Slave markets in Zanzibar closed, under pressure from Britain


33 years old



·          Walter Clopton Wingfield patents a game called ‘sphairistike’ - lawn tennis

·          Winston Churchill, born

·          Fiji Islands annexed by Britain

·          Japan invades Taiwan


34 years old



·          Game of snooker, by Sir Neville Chamberlain whilst in India

·          Captain Matthew Webb first to swim the English channel

·          Bustles part of a fasionable woman’s dress

·          The King of Fiji returns home from Australia, with measles, 40,000 of the 150,000 inhabitants die

·          First flavoured chewing gum

·          Richard M. Hoe invents rotary printing press, New York


35 years old



·          Royal Titles Act - Queen Victoria becomes Empress of India

·          First modern pram for babies

·          Battle of Little Big Horn - Sioux Indians led by Sitting Bull kill General George Custer and his 264 men - last major North American Indian victory

·          Patents for the invention of the telephone, USA

·          Tomatoe Ketchup, USA

·          Stourbridge Football Club formed

36 years old


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