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1937 - 1946






















·          First jet engine, Frank Whittle

·          Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson

·          Coronation of King George VI

·          First issue of the Dandy

·          IRA attempt to assasinate King George VI

·          Launch of Nescafe instant coffee, Swiss

·          First supermarket trolley, USA

·          Nylon patented, USA


97 years old

·          Efforts consumated begun during 1914-18 war to free the Church from pew rents. A sum of £700, the major part of which was the result of a four day bazaar was handed to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and this increased the value of the benefice by £84 per annum

·          Pew rents abolished forever, July 1st, after 20 years efforts

·          Many former pew holders and others joined the ‘Friends of St John’s’ which was formed as afree will offering scheme with the purpose of restoring the fabric of the church


·          John Baird gives first demonstration of colour TV, Dominion Theatre, London

·          Sigmund Freud arrives in London having fled from Austria

·          Neville Chamberlain ‘Peace in Our Time’ speech

·          First VW Beetle mass produced

·          Ballpoint pen invented, Hungary

·          German Chemist Otto Hahn succeeds in splitting the uranium atom, releasing energy



98 years old

·          Processional cross made and given by Mr A. Dudley Cheese, Esq


·          Britain and France declare war on Germany - start of WW2

·          First Anderson shelter

·          Evacuation of children from cities

·          John Cleese, Peter Purves, Jackie Stewart, born

·          Hitler invades Poland

·          Spanish civil war ends, 410,000 killed plus 200,000 by starvation or disease

·          Earthquake in Turkey, 45,000 killed


99 years old

·          Mission Room in Cawney Hill ceased to be used due to demolition of surrounding houses

·          1939-1945 Church Hall used as a British Restuarant and Rest Centre, and as a Warden Post

·          Plans were in preparation for a Mission Church on the Roseland Estate to serve the most populous part of the Parish, as war broke out. A site was reserved and help promised from Bishop of Worcester’s funds.


·          Battle of Britain and the Blitz

·          Neville Chamberlain resigns Winston Churchill takes over as Prime Minister

·          Local Defence Volunteers later called the Home Guard, formed

·          Nylon stockings, USA

·          300,000 men of British and Allied forces evacuated from Dunkirk

·          German troops enter Paris, France appeals to USA for help - USA declines


100 years old

·          During the war all services and organisations continued

·          Several improvements inside the Church - a small number of pews removed to give much needed floor space, the entire floor of the sanctuary was re-laid and the chancel redecorated


·          Major German blitz on Coventry

·          House of Commons destroyed in an air raid

·          Rudolf Hess flies to Scotland and is imprisoned

·          Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour, Hawaii and Malaya

·          Nazis slaughter up to 96,000 Ukrainians

·          Britain and USA declare war on Japan

·          Full employment returns to US as it enters WWII 


101 years old

·          Rev Thomas Norman Crowther-Green replaces Rev Green (serves until 1946)


·          RAF makes a 1000 bomber raid on Bremen

·          Desert Island discs first broadcast

·          Princess Elizabeth registers for war service

·          Soap rationing

·          Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies, Burma and Java

·          Battle of Stalingrad, 750,000 Russian soldiers die, 400,000 German soldiers die

·          First CCTV camera installed, military, Germany


102 years old



·          Operation Chastise (Dam Buster raid)

·          Colossus computer to break German encryption

·          Terry Venables, Freddie Starr, Tony Blackburn, George Harrison, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Mick Jagger, born

·          Casablanca conference, (Roosevelt, Giraud, de Gaulle, Churchill) culminates in General Eisenhower as Commander of unified forces in North Africa


103 years old



·          First flying bomb dropped on London

·          Butler Act creates free secondary education

·          PAYE tax introduced

·          Home Guard is stood down

·          RAF drops 2300 tons of bombs on Berlin

·          D-Day, allies land in Normandy, Germans retreat

·          First automatic calculator (weighed 5 tonnes), USA


104 years old



·          George Orwell, Animal Farm

·          VE Day celebrated, street parties throughout UK

·          BBC Light programme launched

·          Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, born

·          Germany surrenders, Hitler commits suicide, age 56 years

·          First atomic bomb exploded experimentally, USA

·          US drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, Japan surrenders



105 years old



·          First UN Assembly opens in London

·          Bread rationing because of worldwide shortage of wheat

·          William Joyce, ‘Lord Haw Haw’ hanged for broadcasts made during the war

·          First universal electronic computer, USA (weighed 30 tonnes)

·          First bikini, France

·          Nuremberg Trials,  13 Nazis convicted of crimes against humanity


106 years old

·          Rev Wallace Francis Cox inducted, replacing Rev Crowther-Green (serves 2 years)


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