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1987 - 1996






















·          Terry Waite, Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy, taken hostage in Lebanon

·          Margaret Thatcher wins election, third term

·          Lester Piggott jailed 3 years for tax evasion


·          Anglo-French Channel Tunnel Treaty signed

·          World stock market crash

·          Fred Astaire dies, USA

·          President Gorbachev and President Reagan talk about arms limitation - first treat signed


147 years old



·          Terrorist bomb destroys a Pan-Am 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland. All 259 on board and  on the ground are killed

·          First Red Nose day raises £15 million

·          Health Minister Edwina Currie states most British eggs infected with salmonella

·          Internet virus jams 6000 military computers


148 years old



·          Hillsborough disaster, 95 killed as crowd is crushed

·          IRA bombs Tern Hill Barracks, Shropshire, 50 injured

·          Marchioness disaster, River Thames, 30 killed

·          Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), born

·          World Wide Web created by Berners-Lee

·          F.W. De Klerk becomes President of South Africa, pledging to make           government more representative

·          Demolition of Berlin wall begins

·          World ban on ivory trading


149 years old



·          Poll Tax riots

·          Hurricanes kill 9 in England and Wales

·          Margaret Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister

·          4 week riot at Strangeways riot

·          IRA bombs Stock Exchange Tower

·          Terry Thomas and Roald Dahl, die

·          11.13am Saturday 1st December the two channel tunelling teams, French and British, meet in the middle

·          Nelson Mandela released from prison, aged 71 years. President de Klerk asks him to help negotiate a settlement between whites and blacks

·          Iraq annexes Kuwait


150 years old

·          Joint 150th anniversary concert, St James’s Church and St John’s Church, Dudley Town Hall, 1st December. Guest artists St Mary’s Singers, Kingswinford and Bank’s Brewery Band. Solos by Beryl Hill, Pearl Tipton, Lisa Trickett. The band play Born Free, Jesus Christ Superstar, Blenhem Flourishes, Beethovens Beano, Arnhem, Greensleeves and One Voice.

·          Programmes for the event donated by Thorns School and Community College


·          Birmingham 6 freed after Court of Appeal quashes convictions for 1974 bombings

·          Helen Sharman first Briton in space

·          Terry Waite freed after4 years as a hostage

·          Freddie Mercury announces has AIDS, dies 24 hours later

·          IRA bombs Downing Street, Paddington and Victoria stations

·          Operation Desert Storm, Iraq removed from Kuwait but Saddam remains in power

·          (circa) Internet links millions of computers for the first time

·          Long feared disintigration of Yugoslavia begins as Croatia and Slovenia declare their indepndence.


151 years old



·          Betty Boothroyd first woman Speaker of the House

·          Duke and Duchess of York separate

·          Roy Castle announces has lung cancer

·          Church of England votes to allow women priests

·          Fire in Windsor Castle, £50 million damage

·          Frankie Howard and Benny Hill die

·          World population reaches 5.4 billion of which 1.2 billion are Chinese

·          Bosnian Serbs declare their own republic

·          Euro Disney opens, France

·          The Vatican absolves Galileo of heresy (he said world is round)

·          First world environmental summit, Rio De Janeiro


152 years old



·          Prime Minister John Major rejects the idea of pardons for First World War servicemen executed for cowardice or desertion

·          City of London badly damaged by an IRA bomb

·          Bill Clinton becomes President of the USA

·          Tennis player Monica Seles stabbed by a dissatisfied spectator in Hamburg

·          Home of Michael Jackson raided after allegations of child abuse


153 years old



·          Channel Tunnel completed, at a cost of £10 billion

·          First women priests ordained by the Church of England

·          Nelson Mandela elected first black President of South Africa


154 years old



·          Losses of $1.4billion by trader Nick Leeson causes collapse of Barings Bank

·          Queen Mother has hip replacement, at 95 years oldest person to have the operation

·          Heatwave in US kills over 1000 people

·          Ginger Rogers dies

·          Hutus massacred in refugee camps in Rwanda


155 years old



·          EU imposes ban on British beef because of mad cow disease

·          First genetically modified food on sale in UK

·          Dunblane massacre, 16 children killed

·          Bombs in London Docklands, a London Bus and Manchester

·          US Company Liggett to repay more than $10 million for treatment of smokers

·          Clinton re-elected President

·          Talibans conquer Afghanistan


156 years old


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