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 1846 - 1856






















·          The Treasury, Whitehall, London built

·          Parliament repeals the Corn Laws, introducing free trade

·          Railway mania reaches zenith

·          Potato famine reaches peak in Ireland - 1.5 million die

·          Saxaphone invented, Belgium

·          First act of segregation in South Africa


6 years old

·          Rev Noott serves the church and area; day school, Sunday school, many other parish organisations

·          Day school erected on land given by the Dudley family


·          British Factory Act restricts working day for women and children to 10 hours

·          Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

·          Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

·          First alarm clock, France

·          Over 200,000 emigrants leave Ireland, most going to America

·          Mormons found Salt Lake City


7 years old



·          Cambridge University attempt to codify the rules of football

·          Waterloo Station, London, opens

·          Emily Bronte dies

·          George Stephenson, locomotive pioneer. dies

·          Revolutions in Paris Louis Phillipe abdicates, Second Republic set up with Louis Napoleon nephew of Napoleon I as president

·          Revolutions in other European countries

·          Start of California gold rush


8 years old



·          In mid 19th Century more than half of British children died before the age of 5. Average life expectancy among the working classes 17 years, 25 in the middle classes.

·          Charles Dickens writes about crowd behaviour at public hangings

·          Londoners receive 2 postal deliveries a day

·          Modern safety pin, USA

·          The Kremlin, Moscow, completed

·          Johann Strauss senior dies, Johann Strauss junior takes over the orchestra

·          A. Fizeau (French) measures the speed of light

·          J. Monier (French) produces reinforced concrete


9 years old



·          60% of the population still living on the land, but changing rapidly with industrialisation

·          Britannia bridge, crossing Menai Strait to Anglesey

·          William Wordsworth, poet, dies

·          Levi Strauss creates jeans, USA

·          Bridge card game, Istanbul

·          Modern guitar invented, Spain


10 years old



·          London world’s largest city, 2.4 million people

·          Great Exhibition in London

·          Painter J.M.W. Turner dies aged 76

·          Window tax abolished

·          Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), dies

·          Invention of the lift, leads to development of multi-storey buildings, USA

·          Louis Napoleon declares a second French empire

·          First mass produced icecream on sale, USA, 25 cents a quart


11 years old



·          Britain’s first free public lending library, Manchester

·          First public toilet for women, London

·          Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children admits first patient

·          David Livingstone explores Zambesi

·          Devil’s Island penal colony opens



12 years old

·          Vicarage built, on land adjoining the church


·          Anti-Vaccination Movement, England

·          Dr John Snow collecting evidence that cholera spread by drinking water

·          Britain spent £9.5 million on famine relief in Ireland

·          Corrugated iron invented, France

·          First commercial cigarette factory, Havana

·          Potato chips first prepared, New York

·          Vincent Van Gogh born, Netherlands


13 years old

·          The Vicar and Church Wardens of the Parish Church St Thomas’s appealed to the ratepayers for a rate of threepence in the pound to pay for the two district churches St John and St James.

·          So far as is known this is the last church rate to be levied in Dudley


·          A Quaker deputation led by Joseph Sturge appeal to Tsar Nicholas I for peace

·          Crimean War - Britain, France and Turkey against Russia

·          Perforated stamps invented, UK

·          Britain and France declare war on Russia

·          Battle of Balaclava (Charge of the Light Brigade) 500 out pf 700 men killed

·          Republican Party formed in US


14 years old



·          English nurse Florence Nightingale reforms nursing during Crimean War

·          David Livingstone discovers the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi

·          London sewers modernised after outbreak of cholera

·          Typhus and cholera account for more lives than battle wounds in the Crimea

·          World Exhibition in Paris


15 years old



·          Treaty of Paris ends Crimean War

·          First British cigarette factory

·          James Pierpoint writes ‘Jingle Bells’

·          Indian Mutiny against the British

·          Fossil remains of Neanderthal man discovered, Rhineland


16 years old


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