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1877 - 1886






















·          First test cricket match, England and Australia

·          First lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon

·          Anna Sewell, Black Beauty


·          Fingerprinting used for first time in India, to ensure that people did not draw their pension more than once

·          First shipment of refrigerated meat, Argentina to Europe


37 years old



·          First weekly weather report published

·          Gilbert and Sullivan, HMS Pinafore

Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates the telephone to Queen Victoria

·          Alternator invented, France


38 years old



·          Zulu war between Zulus and Britain - battle of Ulundi - Zulus defeated

·          British Legation at Kabul massacred. Britain invades Afghanistan

·          Irish Land League formed to campaign for independence from Britain

·          Vaseline Petroleum Jelly launched, USA

·          First supermarket, USA


39 years old



·          Clay Pigeon shooting invented

·          First Boer war, British forces defeated at Bronkhorstpruit

·          George Eliot, writer, dies

·          First tinned baked beans, USA

·          First wristwatches, worn by women only as thought by men to be effeminate

·          Captain Boycott is ‘boycotted’ for refusing to acceot rent fixed by his tenants, Ireland


40 years old



·          Tribunal set up to examine excessive rents in Ireland

·          Savoy Theatre opens and is first electrically lit building in London

·          Benjamin Disraeli dies

·          Tsar Alexander III persecutes the Jews in Russia - millions emigrate

·          Sheriff Pat Garrett shoots William Bonney (Billy the Kid) at Fort Sumner, Mexico

·          Johann Spyri, Heidi


41 years old

·          Tribute paid to the vicar Rev. Noott. At a meeting in the public hall he was presented with a cheque for £500 and a service of silver plate.

·          He was referred to as a ‘faithful performer of all his duties, clerical and otherwise, one whose many acts of unobtrusiveness kindness and deeds of charity are hidden from the light’.


·          Government sends gunboat to Skye to deal with crofters resisting eviction (sheep clearances)

·          Roderick Maclean tries to assasinate Queen Victoria

·          First transmission of electricity, Miesbach to Munich, Germany

·          First electric trolley bus, Germany

·          Judo invented, Japan


42 years old



·          Married women obtain the right to acquire their own property

·          Robert Louis Stephenson, Treasure Island

·          Boys Brigade formed

·          Volcanoe Krakatoa, Sunda Strait erupts, 36,000 killed

·          First incadescent light bulb, Thomas Edison

·          Orient Express, first transcontinental train service


43 years old



·          English surgeon Rickman Godlee, first operation to remove a brain tumour

·          First part of the Oxford English Dictionary published

·          First automatic machine gun, USA

·          First use of local anaesthetic, Austria

·          Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


44 years old



·          Jeanette C. Pickersgill first person to be cremated

·          Professional football (soccer) legalised

·          Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado opens at the Savoy

·          Frenchman Louis Pasteur gives first inoculation against rabies

·          Spark plug invented, France

·          Karl Benz builds first motor car, Germany


45 years old



·          Squash recognised as a sport

·          Cosmopolitan , Magazine, first published

·          Robert Louis Stephenson, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

·          First oil tanker, Germany

·          Coca-Cola invented, USA

·          First dishwashing machine, USA


46 years old

·          May 5th, 1886 new organ opened, built by Messrs P. Conacher & Co of Huddersfield. A newspaper article said it was the third organ placed in the church.

·          At the dedication service the sermon was preached by the Dean of Worcester Dr Gott and a large congregation took part in the service which was fully choral

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