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The estate that Leonard's Cragg belonged to dates back to Norman-Angevin times, and was passed from the de Moreville family to the Veteripont estate after the formers direct involvement with the murder of Thomas Becket at Canterbury in 1170. Bronze age art work in the rocks nearby suggests humans have been settling here for a much longer time.

The furthest we can definitely trace Leonards Cragg back to is 1798, when it is mentioned in a local register that Anne, daughter of Philip Burnop of Leonards Cragg, died.

Since then, it is mentioned regularly over the next two centuries, staying in the hands of the Burnop family for much of the 1800s, and then changing into the Walker, Chilton and Bousfield familes in the early 1900s. Graves of both families can be found at Brough Church, and the Burnop family has spread far and wide, with members in South Australia and Virginia, USA.

It is first marked on a map in approximately 1770.

More recently, Leonards Cragg was one of the last properties in Cumbria to suffer in the Foot and Mouth Crisis of 2001 (September 2nd), and met it's sad demise as a working farm soon afterwards.

We purchased it in 2003, when the state of Sanctuary Barn was ever so slightly different to how it is now.

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