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Since the earliest times, human beings have communicated with each other. Our ability to communicate is at the root of our civilisation and its advancement.

Historically, important methods of telecommunication were voices, drum beats and warning lights, but the range of such communication was limited. In modern times telecommunication has become a major industry encompassing mobile phones, telephones, radio, television, optical systems and computers amongst many other aspects. Modern telecommunication systems are available in most parts of the world and signals extend millions of kilometres into space.

Telecommunication techniques involve the practical application of many basic principles of physics. The Unit develops an understanding of some of the main properties of waves, and also describes the use of waves to transmit information.


Summary Notes


Below you will find a copy of the homework booklet along with the interactive version of each activity.

Telecommunications Homework Booklet

1.1  Communication Using Waves 1

1.2  Communication Using Waves 2

1.3  Communication Using Wires 1

1.4  Communication Using Wires 2

1.5  Radio and TV 1

1.6  Radio and TV 2

1.7  Transmission of Radio Waves 1

1.8  Transmission of Radio Waves 2




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