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Hi there and welcome to Prestwick Academy's Physics Department website. We hope you find it useful whether you are a pupil, a parent or guardian, or just having a browse having stumbled across us by accident. Feel free to use the feedback facility to tell us what you think of our site and to provide suggestions of anything we could add or upgrade to improve your experience.

What is Physics?

Physics is the study of how things work! From the smallest particles to the entire universe...... and everything in between. Without Physics our lives would be very different. Imagine no LCD or Plasma TV's - in fact no TV at all - no mobile phones, no computers, no games electricity!!! Without Physics none of these things would exist.

Physics allows us to explain how things move. It helped us design the first plane and car, it increases our safety if we're involved in an accident and it put the first man on the moon. It lets us explain how the universe began and how it might end. 

Why Study Physics? 

Studying physics provides you with the opportunity to take part in practical investigation and discussion, developing critical thinking, literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

By setting Physics in real life contexts young people become more confident in formulating opinions and articulating their views.      

Instilling an understanding of the scientific values of honesty, respect and responsibility allows pupils to become more responsible citizens.

Working in teams to collaborate on practical work gives pupils the opportunity to be enterprising and creative in their approach and practice the team working skills required for the world of work.

What Jobs can I do with a Physics Qualification?  

With the advent of commercial spaceflight and the need to develop more environmentally friendly ways of getting around, the future of transport is full of exciting challenges that you could get involved in.

Whether you want to be involved in developing the next Formula 1 car or designing a realistic computer game that makes you feel like you’re in the driving seat you will need an understanding of Physics.

You could become a cosmologist and investigate the evolution of the universe; a planet hunter who searches for habitable planets around other stars; an astrophysicist who searches for dark matter and black holes, or an engineer that designs satellites or robots that land on other planets.

If you want to be a nurse, a surgeon or medical physicist - understanding physics is important if you want to work in modern medicine. Techniques such as ultrasound, CT scanning or thermographic imaging use Physics to diagnose and treat illness.

From the sound engineer who controls the mix at a music concert to the special effects technician working on the latest action or 3D movie, many of the people that work in the media industry need physics know-how.

You could also become a lawyer; work in finance or forensics; study extreme weather patterns and earthquakes; become an architect or engineer or even become a teacher. The possibilities are endless.

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