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Latest entries 23rd December 2016

This file is an extension of the original Strange Phenomena which I decided to start as the original was so large it was becoming too difficult to manage. But I hope you'll visit the original file as there are many pictures you will hopefully find thought provoking.

Notice the images which show up around the strangely shaped bright object in the picture below. See following enlargements of 3 of the images.

This magnification from the right

This from the top area

And this from the left



The strange lights in the picture below were photographed on the 16th September 2016. Behind the electricity pole, there is only a field, at the moment covered mostly in bracken.  There can be no 'normal' explanation for the lights.  See below for magnifications.

This magnifications shows something definitely not your average ordinary light.  I have done my best to take one or two areas, and enlarged them once more. Bearing in mind that the 'lights' are very small, the quality unfortunately is not of the best. But if you take a while to look at the whole magnification it is possible to make out many images within the light.


This cropped area comes from the left side as you look at it. Given a couple of seconds to study it, there would appear to be at least two moderately clear images in this area.

Once again, although frustratingly hazy, there would appear to be a number of images in this magnification. I decided to crop this once again, and de-saturate it in an attempt to get a clearer view of at least one strange image.

This is the result.  I could have gone on for ages trying to get more out of this strange image. But sadly decided to leave it, as I doubted I would be able to improve on what I had already achieved.


My eye was immediately drawn to the small bright object which appears at the side of the orb below. I enlarged it, to see if I could get any more detail.

Unfortunately it was too bright to get much detail, but to me it looks 'mechanical' for want of a better word.  

Then I noticed, at the bottom right of the orb, there was an area just outside, which was just visible but in the darkness. So once again, I cropped and magnified that area, and increased the gamma to hopefully bring out some detail.

I feel the gamma did the trick, and although this pic looks very strange, if you take a moment or so to study the enlargement, you should be able to see a number of strange images which are only vaguely visible in the main picture.

Last, but by no means least, this weird face comes from the darkness at the side of the bright 'mechanical' image which first took my attention. Once again, I increased the gamma to pick up this very odd partial face. Eyes, and a large negroid nose, and elongated mouth can be seen. Afraid that I could be imagining this image, I asked a number of people to look at it to see if they could also pick it out. And without hesitation, and without prompting from me, they also described what I was seeing. So often I've found that what's on the outside of an orb, can be more interesting than what's 'inside' the orb.



I found the following picture intriguing mostly because of the horizontal beam of light visible down towards the bottom of the pic. There are other orbs present but I concentrated on the beam. After checking that particular area of the garden, I found there was nothing there which could have possibly caught the flash of the camera and caused that particular light. Magnifications from the beam can be seen below.

This enlargement, from the middle brightest area shows (once I had increased the gama to bring up anything surrounding the light) that at each side of the beam there are distinct images.

Below is a further enlargment of the centre.

Four enlargements of this particular area follow and, although there are many images in this picture, these are the best for quality.  



As I intend to keep the pictures taken with the camera which I discuss in the following paragraph in some sort of order as I enter them, please scroll down a short way to find the latest entries.  In that way they will be more coherent to the viewer.     

The picture below was taken with a new Fuji camera one year ago (2015) I was more than a little disappointed with the resulting images I was getting with this camera, as I've become used to much clearer pics which contain more detail. So after quite a number of attempts I gave up, and put the camera away, and only recently decided to give it another try. Below is just one result which I find quite fascinating. I have no idea what it is, or where it comes from, but I have many more which I will  add to this site within the next few days.    

This is a close up of one very blurred image I saw in the above picture. It's worthwhile to mention that where we live in North Wales UK there is virtually no light pollution. I have reduced the gamma in the magnification below to hopefully make the image easier to see.  I just wish the images contained in this pic were better, but I've done my best. I think it's more than likely that this particular camera blocks out most of the infrared which is crucial for getting good results. Then again maybe this is actually how these strange images are meant to be seen.

One thing I noticed is that the majority of orbs captured with this camera have an obvious bulge on the left hand side, almost as though the orb was being pulled (as though by some magnetic force) in that direction as shown in the picture below. I did try unsuccesfully to reduce the brightness, but in later pictures I had better results seen in the following pic.

Notice once again, the bulge on the left side of the orb? below, once again with gamma reduction to bring out as much detail as possible.


28th April

Something is obviously 'popping out' of the top of this orb. also notice that once again, there is a noticable bulge on the side of the orb. I was unable to reduce the brightness, but was able to get a moderately good magnification of the top right hand side.

The colour in this orb is startling. Looking to the right there would appear to be some sort of a face visible. I decided to desaturate to pic with the intention of hopefully getting better definition.

To my mind this is slightly better, and once again there's that bulge on the left in the dark area. Another enlargement of that area follows.

Some of the detail shows up in this, but I think I'd just about stretched it to the limit, yet the bulge does show up quite well, and there (could be) shadowy images although not very well defined.

Once again that bulge in the top left corner. But now it looks more like a tube or something similar.

I desaturated the area top left and magnified it. Now the tube becomes apparent. Also there are ghostly images not easily seen in the original photo

This was as  close as I could get without losing all definition. Whatever it is, I would hazard a guess that it doesn't originate in this dimension.

The 'orb' below travelling at terrific speed, and although I tried, was unable to reduce the brightness. But I took a look at the tail which looked as though it might be possible to find a little detail. And once again the bulge on the left keeps showing up in these pictures, all taken with the same camera which I had originally been so disappointed with. It may sound 'far fetched' but I have begun to wonder if some camoflage mechanism is being employed by whatever force is involved, to make the real detail difficult to see.

I'll leave it to the individual to make up their own mind as to whether or not 'something' is showing up in this pic.


 If you find this site of interest I suggest you might also like to visit Mark Mahin at www.orbpro.blogspot.com 


The picture below was taken some time ago, at the time I did try to reduce the brightness of the two large orbs but was unsuccessful. But now on revisiting, I noticed that there are a number of small orbs in the picture, they are just about visible in the pic as seen here, but because of having to reduce the size of the image in order to enter on the site, the images are not as clear as in the original larger pic. Find below magnifications of some of  the small orbs I found in the picture.

In the magnification below, apart from the small head in the centre, you might notice to its right, what 'might' be considered to be a large, upright bald headed figure and torso of a being of some description. Also note that the small head in the centre would also appear to be hairless.

An enlargement of the small face in the above.


Below is a magnification taken from the right side of the above. You might notice the small pink area at the bottom which resembles a very small face. There are quite a few other images in the above magnification more follow

Enlargement of the small face.

From the left side

This image is very subtle, but well worth spending a few seconds looking at the image. You should be able to spot it in the lighter portion at the top.



Looking at the bright orb below, it's possible to see 'detail' so I wanted to try and get a better view. But before I used contrast to hopefully bring out any detail in  the orb, I was drawn towards what seemed like a break in the circle on the right side, as even with this small amount of magnification, there appeared to be an image visible which I wanted to take a look at.

The image is hazy, but nevertheless I was satisfied that 'something' was in that area half in and half out of the orb.

Next using contrast, I took a look at the main part of the orb. I once again magnified the area where the break is. Of course I had now lost the previous image as darkening that area had made it invisible. But notice the beautiful colours. I only use contrast and reduced gamma where necessary to bring out the detail in my pictures. There's no 'trickery' involved.

The same area once more magnified, I am amazed that the detail (however puzzling), is so clear.

The bottom area once again magnified.  If this is a spec of dust, then I'll 'eat my hat'

And this from the top. Very strange, but actually to my mind it's very beautiful, and a total mystery.


This tube of light doesn't look like much to get excited about, but it's brightness, and the fact that it was the only thing visible of interest in the picture made me decide to take a closer look.

The colour is very intense and beautiful in itself. But I wanted to see if I could get any detail from the inside. So I desaturated it to reduce the blueness.

Details, although rather blurred become apparent.

Next I took portions from the image and enlarged them

This is from what I'm guessing is the front of the tube.

This from the middle.

And the enlargement below is from the back. But I felt there was more at this end that I was missing so I focused on the dark area on the right.

Out of the dark area this is what appeared. If you care to take a short while to examine these enlargements hopefully  some interesting images will become visible.



I've entered the picture below which was taken some time ago, after seeing, on Mark Mahins blogspot, entries which are very similar in nature to this one. He calls this phenomenon Light Metamorphosis, which I think is very apt. It's well worth taking a look at the amazing pics he has recently started to photograph.


This weird apparition was photographed in Feb of 2015. I've only just 'discovered it' as it was a very small streak in the sky, and I was looking at an orb in the same picture, and so missed this.  See below for enlargements of areas in which I've hopefully brought out some of the detail.

This is from the 'nobbly' bit at the bottom. Looking at the green area, I hope you can see what I consider to be a strange face with the eye on the right well defined.

Below I have again enlarged the 'nobbly bit' on the left, and also used contrast to bring out the detail as far as possible. If you take a second to study the enlargement, you should be able to spot various misty images. There were also images on the right hand side, but I was unable to get clear enough definition, so haven't included them.

Below is what could possibly be described as a head

A closer look at the 'stumpy bit'

This comes from the top of 'whatever it is' I know there are images in this area too, and although the enlargement isn't very good, I went to the light side to see if I could get any detail.

Using contrast and reducing gamma, this was the best I could achieve without the area becoming too pixilated. But it was worth taking a look.



The large orb below was photographed on 5th November 2015. As is very often the case with very large and/or bright orbs, I was unable to reduce the brightness to take a look at it closely. But there is a sprinkling of small orbs which I think possibly originated in the large one. If, for instance, the large orbs are possibly 'carriers' or, maybe 'mother ships' of some kind, which are maybe used as transporters? Magnifications of some of the small orbs follow. Also, I would take issue with those who say these images are dust particles, or probably moisture on the lense of the camera. 

I hope you will excuse the quality of the following pics, as they are very small.

This further enlargement comes from the right side

this is also from the right edge, I've used contrast to hopefully make the image clearer.

The orb below is very blue, but I spotted 2 images at the top, which I decided to magnify, I also desaturated the image to give it more clarity.

This has been enlarged a great deal, if I'd gone any further it would have been unrecognisable.

One could hardly call this an orb. It comes from directly above the large orb and is only just visible. Unfortunately it was impossible to get a clear view of the light area on the left. But I feel the right side is a very passable image of a face.

These 2 small orbs are plain to see in the large pic above.

This is the lower orb

Part of the above enlarged as well as I could manage.

and this the orb above.

This pic is from the right, and although there are other images in it, this was the best for clarity although very hazy.


The strange makeup of the orbs captured in our photos continues into January of this year. More examples can be found a short way down this file. A close up of the orb below follows.

This enlargement comes from the left side of the orb the strange little light image is enigmatic to say the least. But if you look closely there are many more images in this pic.

This 'light' is taken from the same pic as the one above. They were the only 2 objects in the sky in the photo, and the one below was very small, and under normal circumstances I would have ignored it. But decided to take a closer look. I was unable to take the brightness out of the main feature, but I have always been fascinated by what goes on around and outside of many of the orbs photographed. Enlargements below.

This from the left outside edge of the above pic. 2 images are clearly visible, especially the one at the bottom.

and this from the right

In the orb below I was intrigued by the image just on the edge of this orb in the righthand corner at the top

I think this image is fantastic, but whoever or whatever it is, doesn't to my mind originate in our dimension.



This orb was photographed at the beginning of December 2015. I've just got round to looking at it and was amazed to find the two images which have been magnified below.

Wherever this guy comes from he's not from this dimension!

Nor is this, taken from the righthand side



On 26 November 2015 we had a couple of evenings when the orbs photographed were very strange indeed. Below is one of the pictures taken. An absolute swarm of orbs can be seen. It has taken me some time to sift through the many strange images which appear in the picture. Just in case you might wonder, it was not raining at the time. Cropped and enlarged images can be found following the main picture below. Wherever possible I have magnified various images found within each orb, some are better than others mostly due to the fact that some are extremely small to start with. I was not able to reduce the brightness in the main orb which is seen more or less centre of the pic, it is not the moon. Only brightness and/or contrast have been applied to bring out the detail in the orbs.

This orb can be seen left side I have increased the brightness to show images on the outside of the orb.





The small image below comes from the right in the pic above

There are a number of images in the orb below, but the magnification taken from it can be seen at the very top of the orb.

The enlargement below is from the right hand side of the above orb

This small bright image can be seen on the right. This is the last image taken from the main picture above.



I tried without success, to take the brightness out of the following orb, but was unsuccessful, however the strange image on the right attracted my attention.

Certainly 'not of this world'

Neither is this.


This small bright image in the pic below caught my attention as it was the only light in an otherwise dark picture. I know it doesn't show up well in the picture below, and I've only included it to give some idea of perspective. Enlargements follow.

There is nothing 'natural' in the field where the image showed up other than vegetation and rocks.

A couple of evening earlier this light was photographed and once again, it was the only object visible in the picture.

I've been struggling with photographs taken during the earlier part of December. They're so strange and like nothing I've encountered before, that I wondered if it was a good idea to include some of the pics on this site, mostly because there are so many taken in a short time, it's been difficult to choose. Anyway, over the next few days I'll make additions. Below is a sample of some really 'way out' images.

Below is a pic taken on 3rd December, it shows a partial plasma cloud, and a number of very strange orbs. Enlargements below.

This enlargement is the large orb on the edge of the plasma with as much of the brightness taken out as I could manage. I have never seen an orb with this texture before, it doesn't show up well in the original pic, as due to size limitations, I had to reduce the picture.

Below a close up of the small face in the above pic

The pic below is also from Dec 3rd. In this one the 'craggy' texture of the main orb is more apparent.

Once again as much brightness taken out of the main orb as possible.

The following enlargements of from smaller orbs which are not easily seen in the main picture.

Now another pic from the same date showing a cluster of orbs appearing to congregate and move downwards. Once again, the orbs have the same strange 'craggy' appearance.

I'm not quite sure if these enlargements could even be described as orbs, but whatever, they're there!

A small portion of the above taken from the top right.

I will be adding more images related to the above in the next few days.



An explanation of why I think this strange 'blurring' effect takes place can be found in Strange Phenomena I, and there are more similar pictures a short way down this file. Enlargements of some very weird images found in this picture follow.

I magnified areas of this fast moving orb

This to the front

And this to the underside

The close up below is from the righthand side. This delicate pink hue appears in many of this type of picture.

another fast moving orb

The image in the green area is plain to see.

The enlargement below is from what I presume to be the tail of the orb

This is a cropped image near the top of the orb above


A couple of shots later a similar picture was taken. The blurring effect is very noticable in the pic below, also some of the orbs appear to be coming out of, or going into,what  would normally be seen as bushes.

As can be seen in the pic below.


This is a cropped area from the above. It wasn't possible to get as many clear images from this picture, so I've decided to leave it for the moment and possibly revisit at a later date.


The thought provoking image below was photographed on 8th November 2015. I can't describe this as an orb. It was a very small spec of light in the original picture, hence the not too good magnification. See below for a further enlargement of the obvious head in this pic.

To my mind this entity comes from an entirely different dimension to the one we are used to observing.


On first appearances the photo below might appear as just being 'out of focus'. This isn't the case, to find my explanation of why and how this happens occasionally, reasons can be found in Strange Phenomena 1 and in Very Small and Bizarre. Below you will find closeups of some of the strange things I was able to crop and magnify.

Looking to the right an orb is seen just appearing from behind what, would in a 'normal' picture, be seen as the leaves of a fig tree.



Now a close up of the small object on the left.


A close up of part of the above remembering that these images are really tiny in the original picture.

By chance I came across the image below which was captured by the Hubble Telescope, and of course it's a far clearer pic than mine, but I was struck by the similarity of some of the objects especially the 'nucleus area' in some of the images.

A small orb lurking 'behind' the electricity pole. Close up follows

I applied contrast to show the detail in the orb.


This is the 2nd time an orb has been seen 'behind' the weathervane on our garage roof. The orbs seem to have a liking for the 'westerly' direction! I've moved the other picture up, so that the 2 can be compared

So much for the dust theory. There's a more detailed look at the orb below, a little further down this page.

The following pic was taken on 26th Sept 2015. It was the only bright orb like object in the picture. In the past I would have dismissed it as of no interest, but on impulse decided to try and get a glimpse of what it might 'turn up' See following pics for the closer examination. 

After enlarging and applying contrast to the image, this is what 'turned up'

This fantastic profile comes from the left of the orb.

It just goes to show that you never know what discovery you'll make unless you look. I hope that you will see below the red partial face, there is another really well defined image. 

Initially I decided to enter this orb to demonstrate that it's positioned 'behind' the weather vane on our garage roof, ruling out the spec of dust theory. But then thought I'd try and take a closer look at the orb itself. Magnifications follow.

This orb is what I can only describe as  loosely constructed, but still interesting. 

An enlargement taken from the orb at the junction where it meets the weather vane.

A further enlargement, and taking a moment to look carefully, there are numerous images present, some large, and in the lower part, some very small.

This image comes from the right hand side as you view it. The quality isn't good, but it has been enlarged a great deal.



The incredible and puzzling object above was caught in a photograph taken on the 24th August 2015. The object was so small before magnification, that there's no point in displaying the whole picture, as it would be meaningless. Nor was I able to get anymore detail out of it than is seen above. But the image triggered a memory of two other pictures I remembered which were taken in 2012 which show distinct similarities. Those pics are entered below.

The similarity of the shape of these two images is striking this pic was taken on 28th August 2012. Below you will see part of the original picture from which it was taken.


Now for a picture which was taken on the following evening 29th August 2012. This picture plus magnifications was entered in the Strange Phenomena (1) but I'm adding it again because of the similarities between all three pictures


Now just to add to the conundrum, going back to the 1st picture rotating it 180 degrees it looks like a person (or something) with its arms coming out of the sides of (something or other) zooming down towards the ground.

I've spent a long time trying to find natural explanations for these 3 images. Bats, moths, owls, insects of some kind, but I can't. So I have to accept that it's a 'mystery' Unless that is, that someone viewing this page has a plausible explanation!!


At first sight you would be forgiven to think, So what? Just a streak of something not very interesting. And at first glance you'd be right. This 'streak' is just a tiny area I spotted in an otherwise uninteresting photo. But being curious by nature, I decided to take a closer look at it, not expecting much success as it was so small. See below for magnifications of some areas within the 'streak' 

This small face appears at the front/back? on the right as you view it.

Below comes from more or less the middle of the streak. I have altered the contrast to make the images easier to see.

This shadowy image is actually coasting along just outside, but still attached to the main picture near the front, or back. I was reminded of a picture I entered in the Orbs and Plasma file (1) See below.

This tube, or streak is travelling at great speed, but because it was so 'close' I was able to get a really good look at the interior. To see the picture from which it came, look in Orbs and Plasma (1) It's at the very top of that file. I think the streak of light could be similar to the one below, but because it was at such a long distance away, it wasn't possible to get as good a view of the interior.

The pic below is really strange. If I had still been putting images into the Nature Spirit file, I may have been tempted  to add this one. The very substantial block of green in the centre gives the feeling that its almost solid enough to touch, and the otherworldly face to the right is certainly not human. See below for enlargements.


I'm none the wiser as to what the green area is, but looking to the side of it a small face is visible.


The large image found in the orb below is startling to say the least! An enlargement can be seen below.

Friend or foe, and from where. Who knows?


My attention was drawn to the bottom left of the following orb. I was seeing a pipelike structure which has been present in many of the orbs photographed over the years. I cropped and magnified the area.

I feel this puzzling structure must have a function of some kind as the 'pipes' as I said previously appear at regular intervals. I've sifted through a few other photos where the same 'pipes' can be seen.

The  pipe is visible once again on the left side of the orb. Cropped magnification follows. It's difficult not to be distracted by other images which are plainly visible in the orb. Magnifications of those can be seen in Faces In Orbs 2


I wasn't sure that I would be able to reduce the brightness in the orb featured below, so I was surprised when I managed to get a result.  Below the orb on the grass you can see a bag of garden waste which gives some indication of the size of the orb. See below for enlargements.

When the brightness is removed from the orb, it has a glossy appearance. I think that if it were possible to touch it, it would maybe have a jelly like consistency. My feeling is that because of it's construction, this orb is vibrating at a very high frequency. I was drawn to the bottom of the orb on the left as you look at it, where there appears to be what I can only describe as a pair of very large red lips. 

I find this view fascinating. I did try to enlarge the 'lips' further but wasn't able to get any more definition than is seen below. But staying in that region of the orb I magnified a couple more interesting images.

This benign face is just to the left of the 'mouth'

We're now in the lighter area of the enlargement and hopefully you can spot the rather nice image of a childs face. None of the colours in this, or any other orbs I enter on this site have had their colours 'manufactured' All I do is use contrast and/or brightness to bring out the detail in the pictures. I can only assume that although the original picture shows only a bright white orb, the colours which emerge after enlargement must be the true colours, or as near as it is possible for me to get. If a colourless orb is photographed, it's possible to get detail out of it, but actual colours will never appear unless the colour is there in the first place, but undetected before contrast is applied.


For a while now I've been looking at pictures which have been kept on hold for a long period of time, initially with the intention of deleting some material as my 'store' is huge. I'm always reluctant to destroy anything as you can bet that once you've done it you find you really needed to hang on to it !  The pic below was photographed in 2008, just when I was beginning to be really interested in photographing orbs/unexplained phenomena. The camera used was a Fuji Finepix, and although it was great at capturing orbs, when I tried magnifying something in particular the image became badly pixelated, which barring the odd occasion, made it impossible to 'get in close' to the subject.

I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of people out there who will immediately say 'Ah camera shake' I don't believe that is the case. When I first saw the resulting picture I thought it looked as though it had been 'torn' Whatever caused that streak of light also appeared to affect the statue on the right as you look at it. Somehow, plasma was being used to 'ape' the statue. Another example of this can be seen in the Orb and Plasma file where plasma copies the dove box. It's quite a way down, but worth taking a look at. Next is a close up of the statue.

Notice how the plasma is being used to create images, some of which have a pinkish tone akin to human flesh tones. I believe the Spiritualist fraternity might call this 'ectoplasm' Bearing in mind what I said previously that with the Fuji when I tried to crop portions I was frustrated, in this particular instance the results were far better. I've only done this exercise over the last couple of days between 1st and 3rd June 2015.

This image comes from the curve of the statues left shoulder. And, like the rest of the pic the colours are really strong. So it was my decision that any other images found in the plasma would be de-saturated to make them clearer.

Now on the right the image of a man, smiling possibly with a moustache. I know by de-saturating the picture has a ghostly quality, but having said that this is the way most pictures of 'ghosts' were captured before colour made its advent. I do not believe this is a 'ghost'

Below possibly scary? Notice the large eye and laughing mouth.

You may think that the above enlargement is a side profile of the statues face. Not so, this appears on the opposite side of the statue, and actually is far 'better looking'

Here, I've moved down to the base of the statue which is below a shrub which covers her leg area.

Hopefully you can see the images in the pic above and the pic below. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the picture below you should notice there is another, shadowy form behind the main image. I have enlarged it in the following pic.

These are only a few of the images I found in the plasma, but, one can spend too much time in looking at one picture. To illustrate the point I made at the beginning of this exercise re pixelation when using the Fuji, here is another example from more or less that same time frame as the one above.

The picture below shows the statue, which is perfectly 'normal' with an orb over her left shoulder, plus a bright one on the right of the pic.

See how pixelated the orb below appears when enlarged, and although there is a definate image mid-centre, it was impossible to get a good look at it.

Similarly with the large bright orb, not possible to get a clear picture of the interior. Yet the preceding pictures of the statue show no signs, or very little pixelation My gut feeling is that some manipulation, or whatever, from an outside intelligence is able (given the right circumstances) to juggle with whatever is at hand in our dimension, and uses our technology, to give us a tiny glimpse into a vast ocean of knowledge which is only just becoming accessible to humankind.

Just as a last (for the time being) look at the statues head. Different time to the above by a number of years. I think that some force out there is having 'a bit of a laugh' Unless I'm much mistaken, those are eyes !!


Another old pic I hadn't looked at properly. This  image was post my 1st camera. Initially I was drawn to the bump at the very top of the orb so I enlarged it.

Surprise surprise! I don't think I'm being too fanciful in describing the 'bump' as a face.

Here are a couple more enlargements from the same picture.

This comes from the left side unfortunately I wasn't able to enlarge it further without losing clarity. The strange image in the centre seems to stand out from the surrounding features, giving it an almost 3d quality. If you stay with this enlargement for a short while you should be able to spot some other  interesting images contained within it.

This is from the pink area at the base of the orb, and once again, looking at it carefully, it's full of images. How on earth anyone can say that this is merely a 'speck of dust' I can't for the life of me understand. Call it what you will, but to my mind you can't call it a 'speck of dust'

The following picture is very unusual. I was interested to find out what the pink image coming out of the orb looked like close up so I cropped the image and magnified that area.


                       It's obvious that 'something' is emerging from  inside the orb, and I noticed a distinct small face on the left as you look at it. So once again I magnified that part of the image.    




Now I took a look at the right hand side where another small face could be seen.


If you look carefully you should be able to spot another image behind and to the right of the main image. I did try to get detail from the bright pink area but so far haven't been able to get anything clear enough to add to the above.

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